Why Digital Marketing Training is important?

Does your business have an active and ongoing digital marketing training program? In our experience, marketing teams are incredibly stretched and find it tough enough keeping up with the constant demand for new content and campaigns to worry about training.

What we will cover

This article explains why regular digital marketing training is necessary for business success and how Vu can help if you are struggling to provide this for your marketing employees.

First, let’s look at six big reasons why training should be a priority:

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

The best marketing teams consist of over half a dozen specialists each covering a different area (blogging, video content, social media marketing, lead generation, etc.)
This simply isn’t feasible for many companies so all of these tasks are divided among the resource available.

As a result, there are often some glaring gaps. For example, your marketing team may have pay-per-click advertising down to a fine art but are clueless when it comes to creating engaging posts on Instagram. External training can address these weak suits to ensure your marketing department is more versatile.

Increasing Confidence and Consistency

Where training is lacking, performance can suffer if a key member of staff is away through illness or annual leave. Not only are well-trained marketing teams diverse, employees can also cover for each other as everyone will have a broad level of up-to-date knowledge on all the different marketing strands.

Such teams also tend to be more creative and innovative in their marketing. When the team get together they are more confident in generating ideas and sharing their knowledge.

Pushing up ROI

Well-trained marketing teams run better campaigns and engage more effectively with customers and leads. This makes every pound spent on marketing stretch further, increasing ROI and profit margins.

Improving Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees are not only unproductive, they are also likely to leave the company altogether. Providing ongoing digital marketing training is an investment in your employees who will appreciate the chance to develop their skills. As well as reaping the rewards in terms of higher productivity, you can also reduce churn and recruitment spend.

Boosting Brand Credibility

As your marketing nous increases, you will start creating more compelling content on a regular basis. This consistency is a key ingredient for building your brand and, over time, you could become known as a thought leader in your industry. This can have all sorts of implications from being invited to corporate speaking events to pushing your brand to the top of search engine rankings.

Staying Relevant

Even if your marketing team are of a high calibre, knowledge does become dated. This is particularly the case with the ever-changing world of digital marketing where new tools, techniques and platform are launched, grow and fade away on an almost daily basis.

Ongoing training will ensure your team are able to take advantage of new trends and gain an edge over the competition.

How the Vu Tribe can Help with digital marketing training

So how can Vu help you with your digital marketing training? The Vu Tribe is a network of businesses supported by Vu on an ongoing basis. The Tribe offer training, consultation and a broad range of services designed to fill the gaps in your marketing provision.

What’s more, we go further and engage with your business at the strategic level, helping you with both the planning and delivery side of marketing.

For more information on the Vu Tribe, please contact us today.

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