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Secure, fast, reliable hosting gives you piece of mind and can help your website to rank better in search listings.

Difference between hosting and support

Once your website is finished, you have two things to review, a home for your website (hosting) and keeping your website up to date (Support).  Think of hosting like your computer, it needs to be quick, secure and will have occasional updates – like windows or mac operating systems.  Now consider your website like the programs that belong on the computer, microsoft office perhaps or Mac mail, these also need updating for the latest functionality and security.

We provide ongoing technical updates for our clients websites, which you can read more about here.  This page is all about keeping your website hosting platform, there is a support consideration to take i.

Platforms that we use

Nowadays it is uncommon (and often far less secure) to have a physical server sat in the office, whirring away with a host of websites on it.  Modern hosting is managed through the cloud, and there’s lots of 3rd party services out there, so the value of Vu hosting is picking the right one to offer you security, value, compatibility, and of course the accessibility for us to go to work on your sites.

At the time of writing, Amazon (AWS) is the market leader hosting nearly 5% of the internet, because they provide a host of quite frankly awesome and unique services like EC2, RDS, S3 (and other acronyms as well), which, although they might not mean much to you, allow us to offer all the performance, security and scalability that your website will ever need… yes its geeky but it works.

We have a couple of other selected partners for specific client benefits or bespoke arrangements, these are managed servers, not shared so you will have your website served by a machine fit to deliver it, and only select Vu clients to share it with, if you wish to know more about your setup then just ask us.


When migrating sites from other services we have seen a significant drop in load time (anything over 3 seconds gets a thumbs down from google) allowing an instant SEO boost, as well as a lightning quick site for the end user.

This is often because it is far cheaper for our competitors to pay for cheaper shared hosting packages and make greater margins.


Managed servers can be complex to set up and administer, with more control over the servers it allows us to setup virtual walls that we found just weren’t there with other services, just ask yourself, how crucial is your data?  In recent times big businesses reputations have been destroyed by not asking the right questions… Are you protecting your data effectively?

Shared or cheap hosting means that a weakness in other sites could grant access to your data, you wouldnt know who’s site, what its doing, or how at risk it is.


AWS gives us the power to respond quickly to traffic spikes, as we found out by setting it to handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections during a recent episode of Grand Designs featuring Mark & Candida Diacono for their build of Otter Farm. When you have over 4 million viewers all finding out about your business at once you need to know that your website can handle the load.

We provide a range of solutions for different budgets and requirements, with a rock-solid reputation for unbeatable uptime and response monitoring.

Whats Included?

The other issue that is hard to work out when choosing a hosting provider is whats included?  Sometimes companys will bundle in support or talk about updates and its easy to confuse server updates with website updates.  To be clear our basic hosting packages dont include updates to your website, these basic costs cover us keeping your website server updated and running smoothly.

For ongoing support of your website, you can find out more on our Support Packages page, this covers the website updates and ongoing marketing support.

Looking for more reliable hosting?

In many cases we can migrate your website to our hosting platform for free. Send us your details and we'll be in touch.