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Do you need to get a website, without it costing the earth?

Small Business Website Design Packages from Vu from as little as £750.

Just setting out, with lots to do!

If you are a business just starting out, or on a limited budget with more demanding investments in your business than your digital presence then our Small Business Website Design Packages may be just the right start for you.   

“I’ve done everything for the last 2yrs with nothing but social media, but it will only get you so far…. Just had a website built by the guys at Vu Online and within a month I was getting enquiries.”

– Doyen Voss

Most likely you are trying to spend hundreds instead of thousands, or considering setting one up yourself with Squarespace, godaddy or Wix.  

They may be the right choice now, but you may find further down the line the system is limiting your ability to add functionality, optimise for search, edit content or affect design. 

Within a blink of an eye you will then have to migrate to a new system and your initial investment of time or money will feel like a waste.

We believe this process can be shortcut with a basic WordPress offering, our Small Business Website Design Packages.


What’s Included in the Small Business Website Design Packages?

WordPress is very scaleable, and used for massive websites across the internet so to ensure it doesn’t sound too good to be true, we need to be clear what you are getting.

So, you will get a five page website (just enough to explain your offering clearly, not too much to give you loads of work to do!) built from a self hosted wordpress installation, with a contact form for potential clients to get in touch.

We will register your chosen domain, add your text and images and put the website live for you.

  • Domain Registration (Your chosen web address if available)
  • 5 pages of content added (Images resized and added)
  • DNS Changes (Put site live)



The cost of hosting can be hidden away by the big companies with their own web builders, our chosen 3rd party services for small websites offers an affordable starting point at just £25 a month.

The starter package is just £750 + vat.

  • Ongoing Hosting (Cost for your website to stay live): £25 per month
  • Email Hosting: £3 per mailbox per month


So, What will you need to do?

“The website has generated some fantastic leads for us as a new business and the feedback we have received from website users has been overwhelmingly positive.”

– Apex HR

We will need you to gather together the content for your five pages (basically the text and images) we will guide you on what’s required and how to get it to us.

Useful things to think about sourcing now are: customer testimonials, trade accreditation and questions around your products and services so you can begin to answer them.

Send us your logo and any marketing material you have (ie flyers, brochures) and we can take ideas for design from these.


What is the process?

We will send you an email once we get started to ensure you know what you need to do and how to do it.  

Once we have everything we need we will get to work and show you the finished article.  We will take payments in two stages, 50% upfront, once that is settled we will get to work.  One once we have launched for the remaining 50%.

We make the ongoing hosting easy, we send a monthly recurring invoice for £10, so you just need to set up a standing order.


Do I get to see designs? / Will it be optimised? / Can it do *insert thing*?

No, these services come with our brochure project process, at Vu we start those at £3500, which means this is excellent value for money but comes with limitations:

  • You wont get a bespoke design but it will represent your brand and marketing materials in fonts, layout and colours
  • It won’t be optimised but it will come with an SEO optimisation plugin for you to optimise your pages if you so wish
  • Functionally, it will display your 5 pages of content and offer a contact form for your visitors to get in touch


What else will I need?

After the launch you will have a system capable of adding new pages and functionality, optimising for search engines, or tweaking.  We can help with training you how to use your new site.

If you have expectations that “if you build it they will come” then you may be disappointed to hear that you are competing with over 644 million other websites out there, and there’s little reason currently for google to put yours in front of anyone else’s in the queue.  So you may need a strategy session, training or delivery in various digital marketing activities to help you drive traffic to your new website.

Lastly, much like a car, your new purchase needs a little maintenance from time to time, keeping your code up to date minimises the risk of attacks to your website.  

If your website goes down, or you have any problems.  We offer 9-5 Mon-Fri support just get in touch via our Support Desk.


Can I see one?

Absolutely, here’s what the Vu Site would look like if it was a startup website:


Okay, what’s next?

Drop us a line, we would love to hear about your new venture.

Prefer to speak with someone? Call us on 01803 866430 (we are quite chatty).

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