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Stylish Ecommerce Web Design

Full service Ecommerce Web Design uses the best platform to manage inventory, reach customers, and make your ecommerce customer experience excellent.

Starting Up Or Taking Payments?

Taking your business step by step, you may well be at a point where you have been through our Brochure Project process, and are looking to take it to the next step by productising your offering to generate sales online.

“You weren’t fazed. We feel if we need to take it to the next level you could handle it.”

– Southern Timber

However some businesses are just built for ecommerce from the off, we have translated manufacturers and high street shops to the digital world with ecommerce stores for the likes of House Of MarblesCareflex, or Southern Timber.

Ecommerce web design from Vu is the result of lots of research, expertise in all aspects of website development, and skilled deployment for a smooth launch. It’s a full service beyond that offerered by any lone Woocommerce developer.

The System and Process of Ecommerce Web Design

It used to be that the only conversation is “which is the right platform to use?”, with clients understanding that a certain one would hold the answers, nowadays there are many, and various benefits to different ones, Woocommerce, Opencart or Magento for example.

Which one we use will be determined by the size of your business, who is using it, your marketplace and your requirements.

We tread a similar process to our standard process, however with ecommerce theres more to think about, the key sticking points our experts can help guide you with are normally around:

  • Payment Integration
  • Content/Platform Migration
  • Aftersale Integrations
  • SEO Implementation
  • UX – Smooth Checkout Process
  • Training Your Team

Finding & Converting your Customers through Ecommerce

The success of a site is sales, and the key to finding your customers is helping them to find you, and this means focussing on Search Engine Optimisation.

Our SEO experts will get inside your audience’s head and optimise your site so it appears for the search terms they’re looking for.

Conversion is key for any ecommerce website and we know how to turn traffic into sales, by making sure that ordering from your site is quick and easy.

“Accepting that not all clients necessarily know technical terms, cutting out jargon and making things easy to work through in a measured and constructive manner.”

– House Of Marbles

Our sites look and work great on all modern mobile devices and we work with a number of payment integrations to ensure you offer a smooth checkout experience.

Focussed Around You & Your Team

We go the extra mile to help you set up or migrate your products from their current home, discuss and design the website aesthetics with you, implement your payment gateway, install an SSL Certificate (to keep you secure) and train you so you feel confident in the driver’s seat of your new ecommerce system.

Need to Sell a service?

If you rent products or sell a service you’ll require something a little different from your standard ecommerce website but which still offers a user friendly checkout process for your customers.

We understand every business deals with bookings differently, which is why we’ll work with you to understand your processes and offer you a solution for how you manage your bookings on and offline.

If you have specific requirements for you system it may be a good idea to look at a completely bespoke system to fit your business.

Let’s taltk about Ecommerce Web Design

Drop us a line, we would love to talk ecommerce.

Prefer to speak with someone? Call us on 01803 866430 (we are quite chatty).

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