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Time to Automate your Business Processes?

Nowadays, with modern technologies the requirements for small businesses can largely be solved with opensource software and our Brochure Project process.

However we have existing clients who have grown a combination of opensource integrations that don’t serve their businesses effectively anymore or new clients that come to us with bold new ideas.

“Vu have done a brilliant job of interpreting our requirements. They’ve delivered systems that have exceeded our expectations, saved us time and set in place clear processes for the companies that we represent.”

Water UK

This is when it is time to consider Bespoke Web Development for your business, be aware, generally it costs more to develop a system from stratch and it also isn’t just a one off fee, it will need keeping secure and up to date which is something that will require highly technical skills.

Technical Expertise

This level of development is not common and requires detailled expertise of a range of programming languages, and something that (given weve been around a while) we get really excited about doing.

We have a proven track record for developing business critical systems for the likes of Water UK, Redback Cards and D3 Consulting.

Our experienced team can design and develop exactly what you need.

What to be aware of with Bespoke Web Development

If you have a specific idea, build as much of a brief as possible to ensure the early meetings around the scope of the project are effective, find someone with a good reputation before you enter into any conversations and get a non disclosure agreement signed if you have any issues over sensitive information.

“We needed to scope out a system that would help us operationally, this is where you guys came into your own: The problem solving element”

Redback Cards

We pride ourselves on delivering systems on time and on budget, so understanding whether your potential partner has the technical capability and has seen these kinds of projects through to completion in the past is vital, costs and deadlines can spiral without experience and solid project management.

All of the systems that we develop are rigorously tested and configured to keep your data secure, but they will need to be kept up to date to ensure this remains the case, discuss the shelf life and kind of budget required ongoing to avoid any after launch shocks.

All our developments are done in house or using our trusted network in the UK, this means you get access to the highest quality UK developers for the type of system you want.  Double check not only that the team you are liasing with are competitent but also who will be “on the tools”.

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