WordPress website design

A Brochure Website takes it to the next level

Whether it’s a new WordPress website design or redevelopment of the old, Vu will take your web presence to the next level with our tried and trusted process.


If your looking for something more tailored to your business than a startup website, but don’t feel like you need to go the whole hog of a bespoke build then this might be the right fit for you.

“Websites and Online Marketing are an investment for growth but it’s easy to get it wrong. Thankfully the decision to use Vu was definitely right.”

– Alexander Richards, Owner of Rochester’s Hire

Our “brochure website” is more a journey of discovery than an off the shelf package, and it is in this process that we pride ourselves on getting exactly what you want from your new website.

Bold claim we know, so what is we do differently to ensure that is the case? Pulling years of experience and in-house resource together we start by looking at the potential for your website online, discuss the vision for your brand and your position in the marketplace, then take you on a journey of design and development to get you there.

We break the process up into multiple meeting points, for you to reflect, make manageable decisions and signoff the progress along the way.

Only with this level of colaboration can we guarantee exactly what you want. You can find out more about our process here.


We’ve been helping businesses get leads in their business for many years, some of our first clients have been through multiple rebrands or website redevelopments along the way as they have found success and their businesses have changed.

Simply said, we put your business goals and marketplace first, then create the functionality and design that appeal to your audience, not get swept away with talking tech or adding bells and whistles that make no sense.


With your audience and goals firmly established, we can take a strategic approach to the future. We work with a host of opensource systems like WordPress, Drupal, October and Craft CMS. All can be expanded and updated so your website can stand the test of time.

What is the difference between a WordPress website design, UK made by us? Well, with the balance of our team you will get neither a design focussed approach that is build from a “weighty” theme, nor a lightweight technical solution with no flair and passion.


With our Vu Theme and internal expertise you will get something beautiful, modern, scaleable and secure.  We include training with every brochure project and a support desk giving you access to a team of experts after the launch.

“Websites and Online Marketing are an investment for growth but it’s easy to get it wrong. Thankfully the decision to use Vu was definitely right.”

– Alexander Richards, Owner of Rochester’s Hire

A website isnt just an off the shelf product, you are investing into a relationship and it doesn’t just end at launch day. Having a team available for you is important to us, and offering advice and support for you to grow your business is what has got where we are today, work with us and we welcome you into the Vu Tribe.


For more info, drop us a line. We would love to hear your ideas for your WordPress website design – UK wide customers are very welcome!

Prefer to speak with someone? Call us on 01803 866430 (we are quite chatty).

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