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Vu’s New Project Manager

As Vu goes from strength to strength (taking our clients with us!) and our projects become more varied and complex, we’re developing our own internal management systems to allow greater clarity for you and efficiency for us. A result, our Operations Director Gillian will be changing roles in order to become Vu’s dedicated Project Manager.

What does that mean for me?

A single point of contact for your entire project.

Various members of the Vu team – all of whom are experts in their field – will work on your project at different times. A Project Manager has the skill to oversee the entire project, managing the staff required and all its individual elements in order to give you coherent updates on where it’s at and what happens next. Whether you have a question about a payment or simply want to see how your project is progressing; the Project Manager will have the answer for you.

Maximum efficiency for your project

In any creative process there will be lots of ideas passed around. A Project Manager ensures that, through this journey of discovery, everyone is kept in focus and on task, prioritising any changes and amending the timescales accordingly.
Creative people need distraction free space to create. The Project Manager will be planning out block of time to allow the individuals at Vu to produce their finest work for you. Did you know for every interruption it takes approximately 20 minutes to get back on task?

Your project’s best friend

With the Project Manager accountable to you, they are responsible for ensuring your project is running effectively and apply all available resources – cracking the whip where necessary! If you have any concerns the Project Manager is there to listen and resolve as swiftly as possible.

The Project Manager will setup your project with Vu’s internal project management systems and help you use it. They will also schedule out a timeline for your project so you can see which milestones are coming up and when you can expect each task to be completed. Having someone keep an watchful eye over timelines allows issues and potential delays (such as changes of scope) to be quickly identified and communicated, resulting in realistic timelines.

What will be different?

Our workflow will be streamlined, enabling VU to provide a better service and even more awesome websites. You will be hearing from Gillian more frequently, and from now on should consider her your first point of contact for any queries. If you want to discuss your project or get an update on progress, please email gillian@vuonline.co.uk or call 01803 866430