Vu Values

The drivers for our actions

We all hold values that underpin our motivations and decision making, here are ours, if you share similar then we will all get along famously.

Advice that suits you – not us

Defining and meeting what success looks like

We have built a team of creative problem solvers and a network of partners that deliver high quality work. This means we will communicate with you about meeting your goals, not pushing our products.

It is our intention to find evidence to underpin ideas and establish that it has a good chance of working. We aim to set clear expectations and speak the unvarnished truth, without embellishment and without softening the hard realities of that truth.

Ethical quality of work

Getting the right products in front of the right people

We create our work with the following in mind:

Ability to meet your audience’s needs
Likely to convert, ie visually appealing
Technically sound, secure and well built

Our intention is to get the right products in front of the right people so that buying decisions are easy for them to make. We have absolutely no interest in tactics that trick customers into making buying decisions.

Working towards a green web

Promoting and engaging in sustainable business practices

We are working with organisations who want to create a green web. All of our websites are hosted on green web foundation approved 100% renewable energy, assessed to ISO 14001 standards.

We don’t stop there, we are always looking for new, sustainable ideas both on and offline.

Hands on help

We get stuck in to solve your problems

Our clients often come to us thinking they need a product, in our experience they need a service.

We enjoy visiting our clients at their places of work, understanding their individual needs and challenges and workshoping new ideas with them is both highly rewarding for us and progressive for them – it’s why our clients stick with us for their journey.

Education when it is sought

We live to the “teach a man to fish” mantra

Passionately integrating ourselves in your organisation to enable greater knowledge and smarter working towards goal after goal.

We take the time to meet people and share knowledge through our own networking events, group training sessions, hands-on workshops and throughout the project process at Vu.

Belief in potential

Being a force for good in the local business community

We work with passionate business owners that want to build progressive organisations, we make and implement ideas to try new things, push boundaries, and believe in what’s possible.

Our aim is to build a tribe of well established and respected organisations, sharing a common goal to help make Devon business better.

Being Human

We are all sharing experiences

We’ll have successes and failures. We’ll share in both and learn from both.

We all have a responsibility to help each other and our clients and customers to enjoy the experience of doing business together.