SEO Training Course

Understanding Google, SEO and making changes with a plan

In a field that is constantly developing to stop tricks and shortcuts to the top of the search engine results.

We will give you the low down on current best practice and how to analyse, develop and measure your progress.

As soon as you are publishing content you are engaged in search engine optimisation, whether this is helping your business is a different question, so we have put together a course to help you measure how you’re currently performing.

We will also cover what else you could be doing and how to set targets and measure performance.

If you want to work smarter or understand google a little better, this may be just what you need.  Here’s what will we cover:

  • How search works
  • How am I doing?  An introduction to analytics
  • What am I missing?  An Introduction to keywords and adwords
  • Setting goals and measuring effectiveness

In this course you will learn your way around the basics of analytics, the adwords keyword planning tool to help you find keywords and how to measure performance.

All of that covered in one half day session, for £150 – or free if you are signed up to one of our tribe packages.

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