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Teamwork makes the dream work

Managing a website project isn’t easy and here at Vu we aim to make the process as simple as possible, for everyone involved – our team and our clients. In order to do this we use a project management system called Teamwork.

When you start working with us you’ll be given a login allowing you to access the Teamwork dashboard where you’ll be able view tasks that need to be completed, milestones that have been reached, and chat to us through a messaging system that makes sure everyone is kept in the loop.

You can access Teamwork simply by clicking on the client login button at the top of our homepage.

Your Dashboard

Whenever you log in to Teamwork you’ll be greeted with the dashboard, where you’ll find a detailed overview of progress made, tasks that need to be completed, and project milestones. Your upcoming milestones will be the first thing you see but by clicking the tabs at the top you can view a timeline of the project so far, as well as any pending tasks, so you know exactly where your project is and what everyone needs to do.

Managing your ProjectAll these different elements will be categorised into the define, design, build, launch, and grow stages. Each stage represents an important part of the process, helping us to closely monitor how the project is developing and to make sure everything is going according to the plan we set out in the define stage.

The milestones tab is designed to make it clear how complete the project is at any given point of the process, and how close a milestone is to being reached. In addition to pending milestones you’ll be able to view ones that have been completed and see any that are upcoming at a glance.

When you click on a milestone you can make comments on it, see how much progress has been made towards completing it and any tasks that are associated with it. You’ll also see who each task is assigned to.

Keeping in touch

Optimising project management is all about effective communication and if you’re ever not sure about something you can contact us directly through the messaging system in Teamwork.

Like everything else the messages you send us will be categorised for the different stages of the project, allowing everyone to keep up to date with any questions or issues that may arise. This system makes it easier to organise meetings and saves time on phone calls, saving everyone time and money.

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