Know how to brand a business with a Brand Development Workshop

Branding is the soul of your business’s personality. It’s the perception of who you are as an organisation and an expression of your best aspirations set in the context of your customers needs and expectations. It informs messaging, visual design, how you interact with customers and employees and informs everything that you do online and off.

Objectives for the Brand Development Workshop

During this 2 hour workshop, we’ll spend time with you understanding what you do, who your customers are, looking at how you believe you’re perceived and trying to understand where you need to get to.

The session will map how your business is different from competitors and surface your core values and business personality. We’ll look at the brands you love and hate, and we’ll roleplay a takeover of your business by a competitor and discover what they might change about you.

We’ll spend some time understanding why you started your business and examine the impact you’ve had on the lives of employees and your customers.

Finally we’ll warp with an exploration of your visual and messaging brand preferences that can directly inform some creative thinking, writing or design work.

Who should attend the Brand Development Workshop

  • Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Account managers
  • Sales
  • Anyone with deep interest in customers


  • A report capturing the salient information from the workshop
  • A video of the session
  • An enlightening team-building exercise

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