Referral Marketing

Understanding the benefits of doing business with Vu and their referral partners…

Building a rich and diverse network of contacts will help any business to expand faster. In fact, we actively use referral marketing ourselves to grow our own business.

While we are working on the technical and creative side of your website and digital marketing, we can also help you to make connections with other relevant businesses and connect you into our extensive network of professionals.

As with everything we do, we will listen carefully to your pain points and future vision and identify areas of ‘good fit’ with other businesses.


Maximise Results with Business Networking

If you’re interested in exploring this aspect further, we can invite you along to a vibrant business networking meeting where you can build multiple connections for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

As well as giving and receiving referrals, you will get to speak to like-minded business men and women, sharing information and gaining a wider understanding of the local business climate and where your business sits within it.

Business networking meetings are friendly and sociable events and you will be made most welcome. Give it a try!


Further Benefits of Referral Marketing

Referral marketing has consistently come out head and shoulders above any other form of marketing. The main reason for this is that people instinctively trust those they know to provide an honest and useful opinion.

Here are some of the other benefits of referral marketing:

  • Mutual referrals. Passing on referrals for others encourages them to refer your business
  • Ability to draw on specific connections other businesses may have
  • Better targeting than other forms of marketing
  • Gain experience in clearly and concisely presenting your business offer to others
  • Access support and advice from other business owners when times are tough