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What will I get from a workshop?

This is perfect for teams who: 

What does a workshop entail?

Its so simple, all you really need is the 5P’s, find out what they are and why we think they are so powerful

  • Must consider the competing needs of a range of stakeholders
  • Need to prioritise features against user needs
  • Get a clear idea of required features to set budgets and brief suppliers

Discover realistic features before writing a web technical specification

You have stakeholders and they have opinions. Sales want a shopping cart, marketing wants virtual reality and the social media person believes TikTok is the only game in town. How do you strike a balance between wants and limited budgets, get shared vision, keep the peace and plan for a realistic web technical specification?

A facilitated product features workshop will solve these problems, build consensus and inform strategy.

The process was invaluable for thinking time and to help me really take on board what I needed to do next. In practice it did not feel like a moment too long.

Penny Comley Ross, Carolina Blinds & Curtains

Suitable for

  • Any digital project
  • Website
  • Web application
  • or Mobile app

Objectives of the workshop

  • The tone is exploratory where all voices are heard and no ideas are wrong
  • We’ll explore wants and needs of stakeholders, consider customer needs and get the stakeholder team to start to share a common vision
  • We’ll do prioritisation exercises designed to seed attitudes for effective compromise
  • Create a prioritised list of potential digital product features and build the foundations of a web technical specification
    • Must have
    • Should have
    • Could have
    • Must not have

Who should likely attend

The workshop is suitable for groups of 3-12 people, can take place at your business or online and is designed for:

  • Project managers
  • Marketers
  • Business strategists
  • Operation managers

Time needed from you

  • 2 hour workshop in person or online


  • Report containing
    • Prioritised list of potential digital product features
    • Useful information to create high-level briefs for external suppliers, web technical specification or competitive tender documents or budget planning
  • An enlightening team-building exercise

So let's get started then


“The process was well structured, allowing a natural conversation that opened up lots of great ideas.”

Jess Thompson, Maplebrook Wills

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