Have you got an actionable Strategic Marketing Plan to meet your sales targets this year?

Get a digital expert to take you from big picture thoughts to actionable tasks, with a Strategic Marketing Plan to put you in front of the right customers for your organisation, all in under two hours.

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Does generating leads for your business keep you up at night?

What is the process?

Upon purchase one of the Vu team will be in touch to organise a meeting at a time that suits you, we will run through our five step programme with you and deliver the strategic marteking plan document via email at the end of the call.

Everyone’s business is different, this is a tailored service bespoke for you, so the time required varys, but we will complete it within two hours.

We feel our clients pain when they come to us, frustrated at trying a new digital channel with little results.

Our advice is always the same, without the thinking work at the beginning and effective tracking, you will have poor results, very little useful data for your efforts and be left with no more than a hole in your pocket to show for it.

We have found that we then take our clients back a step, help them work out the offering and how to take it to market, set budgets, targets and track them. They have far more success when moving to “the doing”.

If you feel like any of those are gaps in your strategic marteking plan and you aren’t confident about investing further then this could be a savvy investment right now.

The five steps

1.Your marketplace

Who am I speaking to? Am I saying the right thing? Do they trust me? What else is out there?

2.Pricing & Budget

Your product offering, value of a customer, project turnover and marketing budget.

3.Channels & Target

Build a plan of where you invest your budget and an estimation of leads generated.

4.User Journey

Explore any gaps in the plan and what we can track the results of.

5.Set Targets & Review

Top level view of all the pieces of the plan, the targets, the values and when the plan can be reviewed.


the process was invaluable for thinking time and to help me really take on board what I needed to do next. In practice it did not feel like a moment too long.

Penny Comley Ross, Carolina Blinds & Curtains

Why make a strategic marteking plan with Vu?

The feedback we have had is that our experience shortcuts the legwork of understanding what makes an effective plan, we turn fresh eyes on your business from an external prospective and we offer the creative guidance to add ideas to the plan.

We focus on the right questions to keep the process succinct.

Use our decade of experience to offer ideas you may not have considered.

And always start with fresh eyes to offer you a new angle on something very close to you.

So let's get started then


“I would highly recommend this process to anyone who is setting up a business. The time I spent with Vu has given me the push I needed to get my business sorted, thank you so much!”

Helen Sheppard, Find Your Voice & Roar

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