Do you know if your processes are effective and legal docs up to scratch?

Get a digital expert to facilitate a 2 hour GDPR audit workshop to help you ensure you are protecting your customers’ data.

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What will I get from a GDPR audit workshop?

This is perfect if you:

What does a GDPR audit workshop entail?

Its so simple, all you really need is the 5P’s, find out what they are and why we think they are so powerful

  • Are worried that your data isn’t handled securely
  • Aren’t sure what legal docs you need
  • Have out of date systems to store your data

Workshops by their very nature are there to bend and flex to meet your ideas, so you may come out of it with all sorts of valuable insight you didn’t expect, but focussing the conversation on the above we will help you with the following.

What you will gain:

  • What to do to become GDPR compliant
  • How to create up to date policies and processes
  • Understanding for the future of the importance of a GDPR audit

Data is everywhere

All businesses have customer data. It’s on paper, in drawers, on USB drives, on personal devices, in networks and in the cloud. It’s everywhere. Do you really understand what you have and what your responsibilities are?

There’s no “kitemark” for data processing and storage, but a responsible attitude starts with understanding what you have, where it is and what it’s used for. That’s your responsibility and we’ll help you get some clarity and build trust with your customers by conducting a GDPR audit.

Suitable for

  • Any business that keeps customer data for any reason

Objective of the GDPR audit workshop

During the session we’ll:

  • Discover what kinds of customer data you keep
  • Discover any special category data use
  • List where it’s stored
  • Discover how it’s processed and ask the big question about legitimate use
  • Discover a retention policy that works for the business
  • Capture information to create a data and privacy policy document that meets with GDPR obligations
  • Role play a customer Subject Access Request

Who should likely attend

The workshop is suitable for groups of 2-4 people, can take place at your business or online and is designed for:

  • Business owners
  • Sales
  • Operation managers
  • Technologists

Time needed from you

  • 2 hour workshop in person or online


  • A compliant data and privacy statement for public use
  • Clarity on your personal data risk
  • A retention and deletion strategy
  • A list of data storage places for future reference

So let's get started then


“The process was well structured, allowing a natural conversation that opened up lots of great ideas.”

Jess Thompson, Maplebrook Wills

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