Are you meeting your customers’ expectations?

Get a digital marketing consultant to facilitate a workshop exploring ideas with you to help you become customer centric and reap the benefits.

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What will I get from a workshop with a digital marketing consultant?

This is perfect for those: 

What does a workshop entail?

Its so simple, all you really need is the 5P’s, find out what they are and why we think they are so powerful

  • Looking to gain better engagement with their customers
  • Struggling to sell or translate their product offering

Workshops by their very nature are there to bend and flex to meet your ideas, so you may come out of it with all sorts of valuable insight you didn’t expect, but focussing the conversation on the above we will help you with the following.

What you will gain from this digital marketing consultancy:

  • An understanding of your customers pains and problems
  • Aligning your messaging and products to meet their needs

Discover your customers’ needs through digital marketing consultancy

Our digital marketing consultancy asks the questions that allow you to understand who your customers are, their motivations, pain and frustration.

Personas focus activity: who we are selling to, writing for, targeting with advertising or building web applications for. Personas are a representation of a person with needs and preferences, and we do a better job of servicing our customers when we keep them in mind.

Suitable for

  • Any digital project
  • Websites
  • Web applications
  • Digital marketing
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Content creation
  • or even offline activity

Objectives of the workshop

During the session we’ll:

  • Explore historical sources of work or income in your business
  • Ideate to identify customers and their needs
  • Group customers by role
  • Assess the dimensions of identified roles
  • Identify recurring themes and patterns in your business activity
  • Gather information to produce assumptive customer personas which can be used at any stage in your customers’ journey
  • Learn some simple digital marketing consultancy techniques used by larger organisations and well-known UX consultancies

Who should likely attend

The workshop is suitable for groups of 3-12 people, can take place at your business or online and is designed for:

  • Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Account managers
  • Sales 
  • Anyone with deep interest in customers
  • A selection of real customers you invite to attend

Time needed from you

  • 2 hour workshop in person or online

Deliverables from this digital marketing consultancy activity

  • A report containing
    • A set of sketch assumptive personas including dimensions and goals
    • Dimensions analysis
  • Clarity on your service offering
  • An enlightening team-building exercise

So let's get started then


“The process was well structured, allowing a natural conversation that opened up lots of great ideas.”

Jess Thompson, Maplebrook Wills

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