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Our Project Process

At Vu we strive to develop our process through documenting and reviewing our workflow so we can move towards providing our clients with the best service possible.

The web has evolved many different ways and systems of achieving similar goals, a solo web developer will not have the time to study all the individual assets that come together in a Digital Agency and you may feel you are treading a templating exercise to ensure you fit their workflow as opposed to getting a considered solution to your problems.

Only by understanding your aims and objectives can we make educated decisions on how to go about solving your problems.  Most important to us is that our workflow offers you what you need, even if you don’t know what that is yet, that is where we start…

Initial Meeting & Define

In this initial phase we learn about you and your business.  There is a something you do that is different, something that make your customers return to you over anyone else.

We need to understand you, your competitors, review your website, traffic, marketing goals, social media, analyse your industry and gain a clear understanding of your business goals.  We will ask for you to gather as much information as you can to help us devise the site map and analysis of requirements.

At the end of the initial meeting most of the time we will be in a position to give you a proposal of services charting the project, if you have a particularly complex build or aren’t clear on what functionality you require at this stage, we will give you an estimate for the project and a full proposal at the end of the define stage when we have identified your requirements.

At the end of the define phase you will have a visual presentation of your online business to inform the strategy, structure, and organisation of your project as well as the technical implementation of how it will come together.  Now the direction is set we can stay focussed and plan for success.


With a clear strategic plan in hand, work begins on the design and visual communications. Building in layers we consistently look for inspiring and creative solutions to effectively market your business. We take into account what’s best for you and your customers, creating a design that’s true to your brand and user-friendly.

Using the research and sitemap we will wireframe your site and begin to work on the brand elements and page design.

At the end of phase two you will have designs that sit with your existing brand as well as modernise and create a better alignment with all your marketing efforts. The designs will cover all areas of the website bringing a visual credibility that is inspiring and engaging.


Your website will be strategically built around the already defined easy-to-use content management system (CMS), we will be implementing the agreed designs and function requirements previously defined, and importing your content into the system.

We will be building the interactive elements and constantly testing as we go, we will also grant you access to the site during developmental stages, allowing on-screen testing and feedback.

At the end of the build phase your website will be operational. Now we are ready to test the site and schedule the launch date.


During this phase we’ll finalise the website for public viewing and give you the keys to the platform for your future success. Design elements are polished, interactivity features are deep tested and the user experience is optimised. The custom functionality is tested, additional services like emails or domain management is all prepared for the big launch, (just one last browser check to check everything is responsive).

Now your website is up and running. It’s time to celebrate the launch, run through the training and start to grow the business.


Our grow services are an extension/development to your brand, they could include on/offline marketing, organic/paid traffic advertising, newsletter or social media campaigns, specific SEO developments or a combination of many services.  This multi pronged approach will be effectively implemented so that you know what is working, and how much it is costing.

We will aim to build a relationship with you so we can analyse, report  and review on an ongoing basis.