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Our Project Process

The project process at Vu has been honed and refined over the years to ensure that our clients get the end result they want, it focusses on collaboration and education, a couple of our core vales.

Here's what we will cover...


The project process at Vu offers you more than just a website.

It is underpinned by us taking time to discover about you and your marketplace, gives you access to various individual expertise across the organisation in design, development and search optimisation.

It is managed by an account manager and project management system who are there, by your side, breaking up the workload piece by piece.

Initial Meeting & Define

In this initial phase we learn about you and your business.  There is a something you do that is different, something that make your customers return to you over anyone else.

We need to understand you, your brand, competitors, website, audience, industry and gain a clear understanding of your business goals.

With all this info we can begin to do some keyword research, creating a site map from a customers search perspective of what they would expect to see and the potential search volumes your site could attract.

Having reviewed your brand and marking materials we will make suggestions to ensure you are communicating the right message and that we will meet your design expectations in the next phase of the project.

And we will discuss the functional side of the project and how that may integrate with your business processes, saving your staff time and energy.

At the end of the define phase we will meet with you to show a visual presentation of our work to inform the strategy, structure, and organisation of your project as well as the technical implementation of how it will come together.


With a clear strategic plan in hand, work begins on the design and visual communications. We look for inspiring and creative solutions within the parameters of your brand to effectively market your business to your audience. Ensuring that at its heart it is simple and user-friendly.

We start with creating a style guide, wireframe the pages, then layer the design over the top and produce a digital prototype that you can click around and explore like a website from the comfort of your own computer.

Meanwhile, you will have a clear steer on the content to get creating (or we will be producing it for you) and the technical team will be getting the actual site setup ready to be skinned.

At the end of the design phase we will sit with you, talk through the style guide, prototype and content, to ensure that it is all coming together into something that brings clarity of message and a visual credibility that is engaging for your audience.


Your website will be built with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), it’ll now be ready for the content population and finalised designs to go in.

This phase is fairly hands off for you, but there may be some content to gather, terms and conditions to review etc…

At the end of the build phase your website will be operational, we will sit down with you and the site and thumb through any remaining points, discuss how who will test the site and schedule the launch date.


We will set you up with our testing system, making it easy to look through the final site and create and review any bugs and the progress we’ve made on resolving them.

The custom functionality is hard tested by our internal team, and any additional services like emails or domain management is all prepared for the big launch.

Once your website is up and running. It’s time to get together to celebrate the launch, run through the training and measure the impact for the business.


Right from the very off, we want to start with an ongoing relationship for all our clients. It is in the activity of tracking, doing and measuring success that defines the way to build an audience, not just a website project.

Whether we start by picking up your existing website and going to work, or whether the project comes first, we would urge you to think about the long term journey.

Our Tribe packages are setup for exactly that, they mean we can go to work on multiple digital marketing activities on your behalf and report back every month.

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