Keeping Up With New Technology

The digital landscape changes quickly, how do Vu keep up?

Improvements to browser technology. Cool integrations between platforms. GPS-enabled mobile technology. Almost daily there is some new technological wizardry released which transforms the way websites and applications look, act and interact.

Others arrive on a bubble of hype and disappear in a puff of smoke!

How do we keep on top of it all for the benefit of our clients?


Could you Tell a Fiat from a Ferrari?

Sure you could. It might be difficult to put your finger on the technical differences but the look and feel is different.

It’s a bit like that with websites.

The most important bit is that a Fiat and a Ferrari both have the key usability functions at their heart, ie the steering wheel, number of pedals, handbrake – all key to our subconscious understanding of the machine remain consistent.  We must endeavor to do the same, not be flashy for the sake of it and confuse our users, but offer quality in clean design and sleek experience.

Above this level there is flexibility. If our clients ask for a certain function or feature (e.g. a booking system, calendar or animated menu), we will have several options. The choice we make will come down to budget, specific features, ease of integration and other criteria, but laid out for the client to make an educated decision – not one that sells more time in design or development.

Then there’s the aesthetic/design side of things. If you want a certain look or there’s a design trend we want to follow to ensure your site looks fresh, we will make changes here. Think of this as selecting from different fabrics and interior trims for a quality finish.


Keeping Relevant

Here are some of the ways that we can ensure our finger is always on the pulse:

  • Follow industry influencers on social media
  • Read the latest tech-related articles from the industry leaders
  • Set up alerts for proactive notification of new inventions
  • Share knowledge as a team
  • Go back to basics. How does this technology help achieve our client’s goals?
  • Experiment before implementing a solution

Technology has the ability to improve efficiency and deliver real results. It also has the power to distract and deceive. By keeping our minds open and curious but our feet on the ground we can strike the right balance for our clients.