Loving the flavour at the Food and Drink Devon Awards 2015

Earlier this month, Vu attended the Food and Drink Devon Awards at the Exeter Golf and Country Club, once again having the honour of judging websites for the event. We travelled over with Raw PR, who are also involved with Food and Drink Devon, in Bob the Bus – arriving at the venue in true Totnes style.

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November 6, 2023 2 mins

BBC Radio 2’s Nigel Barden was hosting the ceremony which saw Dartmoor Farmers win the ‘Best Producer’ award.

In addition to the excellent produce being served, there was plenty of excellent company at the awards, and it gave us a chance to connect with some brilliant local food and drink businesses. Partridge Farm Meats provided the food, including some delicious pork five ways, and we also enjoyed some soup from Tideford – a great local success story who we’ve previously worked with on their website.

We literally put our heart into event, producing a six foot square version of the Food and Drink Devon heart logo. The giant prop provided a great photo opportunity for attendees, and the plan is to send it on a tour of retailers who have the logo in their window.

Vu has been working with Food and Drink Devon recently on its branding so it was great to see such a positive reaction to the heart, which is just one way in which we plan on growing the Love the Flavour brand.

Although the awards meant extra gym time this month it’s always a pleasure to attend and show our growing passion for supporting local food and drink businesses.

If you’re a member of Food and Drink Devon and are interested in a visit from the #GiantGreenHeart, please drop us a line

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