Over a decade of website design and development in Plymouth

We have been supporting marketing teams, small businesses owners, not for profits and SMEs across Devon and the South of England for over 12 years.

We’ve enjoyed working with a huge range of local businesses from startups to multi-million-pound turnover organisations, each with its own challenges and routes to market.

We helped identify what makes their brand different, and positioned that messaging to identify and win more of their best customers. Then we use our in house expertise to produce digital campaigns and reach new ground.

“From start to finish the Vu team have been faultless, not only is the end product incredible, so too is the journey.”

If you are keen to know the clientele we have worked with over the years then see our previous projects below for examples of our clients in Plymouth.

We feel proud to be involved in the business community in and around Devon and honoured to be mentioned as a leading company providing website design in Plymouth, Devon.

website design plymouth

Customer-first design

We think our unique process and a firm footing of putting your customers’ thoughts first, enables us to ask you how your organisation meets the needs of someone buying your products and services.

Starting with workshops and customer research helps us understand you and your team, ensuring we meet your expectations when it comes to production but critically it ensures you will also have something that resonates with your customers.

WordPress expertise

We are WordPress specialists, it is great for large organisations microsites and small businesses as it can evolve, scale and grow in so many different directions.

“Our old advertising would bring in maybe 4 enquiries a month, we now receive on average 7 a week since Vu took over.”

Combine this with a really easy to use backend and it’s obvious why it has risen to power nearly half the internet now. Because of its popularity, it’s relatively risk-free as (unlike a bespoke build) you can easily move to another service provider.

That said, there may come a time when you need something bespoke, at that point, you will benefit from a partner with experience.  Vu can guide you through the scoping process, interface UX design through to build and deployment.

website design plymouth

We don’t just do websites

And that isn’t what it is all about either. The web is a cluttered place, build it and they will come will no longer gain you visibility.

The reality is that you may need expertise and support to help you market the website once launched. With limited capacity, time and experience, important tasks get overruled by urgent ones and stuff often doesn’t happen quickly enough.

We like to solve this problem for our clients, by embedding ourselves into your organisation and putting the relationship first, this enables us to action tasks and keep your business progressing with content creation, SEO and advertising.

Our eco-friendly website hosting

Our hosting platform is powered by 100% renewable energy and is optimised for WordPress sites. With the environment taken care of (and any security and performance issues) it will also help you meet technical standards for SEO.

website design totnes - cornworthy

“It’s early days, but since the website’s gone up and running and we’ve started with the AdWords, we have already generated the sale and I don’t even think that we can actually say in the four years that we had our last website, that we actually achieved that.”

Restoring Dartmoors woodlands

For every new hosting client, we donate £25 to our trusted partner Moor Trees, busily working to restore native Dartmoor woodlands, we can guarantee a clear conscience and a green hosted website.

You can also sleep well knowing you aren’t contributing to the carbon problem too, we looked at our impact of creating websites and undertook a carbon analysis, the end result is that we offset any project of yours by contributing an equal amount of trees back.

Becoming part of the Vu Tribe

Like all our favourite clients, we prefer to start a lasting relationship from the off, we can only help take the pain away from capturing new leads by properly understanding you.

We offer a raft of digital marketing and advertising services, wrapped up in an easy to understand monthly subscription package, called the tribe.

We actually care about improving the way business is done in Devon, it’s not just about being another website design agency in Plymouth.

Would you like to have a chat about this?

If you think this may be something that would help make your business thrive then we would love to have a chat and offer some free advice.


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