We are looking for passionate people to help develop both Vu, and their own skills, further.

Job Title

Full-Stack WordPress Developer

Who You Are

You are self-motivated and passionate about coding with a positive outlook on life and a meticulous approach to application development. You have a clear focus on high quality, high speed, scalable and secure development.
You’re proactive and always looking for ways to improve yourself and those around you. You want to help people, businesses and organisations to do things more efficiently and effectively.
You find it easy to get on with others and be a team-player with a reliable, tolerant, and determined nature. You are able to commute reliably to our Totnes office and be open to working extended hours on occasions when the team is under pressure to deliver.
You love technology and are inspired by the opportunities that it brings. As an experienced developer you are adept in use of the linux command line, text editors, FTP software, gmail and google apps.
You want to work as part of a small and dedicated team to make a difference to small businesses and organisations throughout the UK.

Who We Are

Vu is about much more than just building websites. We’re fed up of speaking to businesses and organisations who’ve been let down by web developers and designers who build sites without setting realistic expectations or addressing the clients goals.
Vu mission is to enable every business and organisation that we work with to meet their marketing goals. We deliver creative and innovative websites, software development projects and marketing campaigns that promote our clients services and products effectively.
At Vu we put the client’s goals at the heart of everything we do. We believe that building long-term relationships with our clients is the best way to understand and meet their needs. We help them to understand the steps that they need to take to succeed and we work through those steps together. We don’t just provide a product. We provide a successful partnership.
We value our people and do everything we can to provide opportunities for personal and professional development. We enjoy our work and we believe that everyone needs balance in their lives to produce their best.
Staff Responsible For
None directly, although some collaboration with the other team members and external developers is inevitable and a willingness to show training and managerial expertise may lead to roles of greater responsibility.

Key Responsibilities

As a full stack developer, you’ll:

  • Act as the technical lead for WordPress website development projects.
  • Work closely with front-end developer to develop websites from a specification.
  • Develop key components and new features for our clients websites.
  • Integrate client websites with third-party services (Analytics, Email marketing, Stock management, Accounting, etc…)
  • Be proactive in keeping up with technological advances and informing the team about potential opportunities to improve the workflow.
  • Build and interact with the APIs that support our business processes.
  • Building reusable code and libraries for future use.
  • Optimization websites for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Implement appropriate security and data protection measures.
  • Design and implementation of data storage solutions.

Skills & Experience

  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies including JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Developing WordPress themes and plugins for commercial projects.
  • Good understanding of server-side CSS preprocessors, such as LESS and SASS.
  • Good understanding of accessibility and security compliance.
  • User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments.
  • Integration of multiple data sources and databases into one system.
  • Basic management of hosting environment, including database administration.
  • Data migration, transformation, and scripting.
  • Setup and administration of backups.
  • Outputting data in different formats.
  • Understanding differences between multiple delivery platforms such as mobile vs desktop, and optimizing output to match the specific platform.
  • Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes.
  • Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests.
  • Proficient knowledge of a back-end programming language such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, JavaScript.
  • Good understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.
  • Basic understanding of OWASP security principles.
  • Good knowledge of Linux including setting up and configuring servers, SSH, apache, nginx, SSL config, MySQL databases is desirable.
  • Some experience with Drupal and/or Craft CMS is also desirable.


If the opportunity arises a likely path for someone in your position would be to progress to Hosting Co-Ordinator / Project Co-Ordinator.
Co-Ordinator roles require more contact with clients and project management skills, we will be looking for an exceptional phone and email manner the ability to manage client expectations as well as varied and increasing workloads, project management and dealing with difficult situations.

Close Date

16th February


Just get in touch and tell us what makes you who you are.