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How to sell better with SEO and e-commerce – Part 3

How you write your product descriptions and choosing the right keywords will help your site to be indexed better by Google, but to really rank high you’re going to need good quality inbound links. And quality sites only link to quality content. In this part of our guide about how to sell better with SEO and e-commerce we’re going to look at boosting the linkability of your content, and that means showing off what you know and giving people something they can’t get anywhere else.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Rewriting manufacturers’ product descriptions to make them more original is one thing but to really stand out you’re going to need to show off the things you know that your customers don’t. Useful information that isn’t common knowledge is not only valuable to potential customers and will encourage others in your field to link to you.

One way to approach writing a product description rich in useful information is to think about it like writing a magazine article. Magazines, whether print or online, aren’t selling products directly but they want to provide readers with the information they need to make informed buying decisions. A technology site might review the latest smartphone, a motoring website the latest family saloon, but they won’t just rattle off a list of specifications. They’ll provide insights into the product that you won’t get from a simple spec sheet.

Ultimately people are paying you for your products not your knowledge so don’t be afraid to give what you know away for free as it will boost your sales.


Baiting your Links

Linkbait might have negative connotations in the world of SEO but it is a perfectly legitimate tactic and one that can seriously improve traffic to your e-commerce store. If you have knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else, or think you can present in a better way, then it’s time to share it. If you’re writing about something that has already been well covered then there are a couple of key ways you can show your expertise in a more original way.

One way to add value to your descriptions and demonstrate knowledge of your products is to offer some kind of resource that will help people to use your product. This could take the form of a top ten list (for example top ten microwave recipes for white goods sellers) or even an instructional video.

Showing off your knowledge in a blog is another strong tactic. While this is a more indirect way, and requires a store to have a blog first, it can draw people to your site who might not be looking to buy something and convert them into customers.