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How to increase newsletter subscribers

Email marketing is a powerful way of turning visitors to your site into loyal customers, but getting those visitors to part with their email addresses can be tricky. If your mailing list is just a scattering of seeds that you’re struggling to turn into a beanstalk of conversions, we’ve got a few tips to help you make your email marketing thumbs a bit greener.

Create Great Content

In order for people to subscribe to your mailing list, you’ve got to offer them something they want: and what they want is great content. This content can be information on a particular topic that will resonate with your readership, or it can be special offers that will entice people to buy your products.

Before you start filling your email templates with discounts, deals, and company updates though, it’s important that there’s great content on your site. Updating your blog frequently, with a call to action encouraging readers to subscribe to your newsletter at the end of every post, is a great way to attract engaged email recipients.

Content Carrots

While your website should always have great content on it that keeps people coming back, offering a reward for signing up is a surefire way of encouraging visitors to join your list. Free ebooks and contests are popular content carrots that can lead addresses into your signup form.

If information is valuable in your industry, then creating an ebook that helps people to achieve a goal is going to win you trust and engaged subscribers who will want more of the same from your campaigns. An ebook can be presented in the form of a hidden webpage, or as a downloadable PDF.

If you’re promoting a particular product then setting up a competition that offers the potential for a prize will encourage people to signup, without the need to give something away for free to every new subscriber.

Turn on the Landing Lights

Landing pages are the key to a successfully targeted marketing campaign that maximises conversions. Creating an optimised landing page that draws visitors in and encourages them to sign up for specific campaigns is the best way to create segmented lists – so you only send subscribers content that’s relevant to them.

Likewise, the best way to turn engaged users into converted customers is to set up an great page for when they follow your links: don’t just let them click through to your homepage, take them exactly to where they want to go and keep the conversation flowing.

Offline Opportunities

Not all email signups have to be done online and ditching a digital form and going back to pen and paper is a proven way of gathering large amounts of email addresses in physical locations. Whether you have a signup sheet in your shop, or pass a clipboard around a crowd at an event, there are plenty of ways you can turn the physical world to your advantage.

The downside is that all email addresses have to be entered manually, and some will be unreadable, but this shouldn’t put you off trying paper over pixels as a way to increase your subscribers and mailing list.


Each of these steps will have a positive impact, not only on the amount of people signing up to your newsletter but to the quality of your campaigns as well. Providing high quality and relevant content before and after sign up is the key to growing your email list, and if your campaigns are compelling enough people will start sharing them and your list will start to grow itself.

If you need any assistance in maximising the potential of your email campaigns, take a look at our newsletter marketing service, or give Vu a call on 01803 866430 to see how we can help.

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