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How to grow your business using Social Media

We are going to run a series of articles on the various platforms you could choose for your business, highlighting effective ways they can be used, how regularly you need to post, what kind of content sits well on different platforms along with the pros and cons of each. Hopefully this will help give you a starting point to begin planning your posts… 

But first, lets examine the way things have changed due to Social Media.  It is a term now that isn’t just something extra to do, it’s something widely acknowledged as something all businesses are expected to provide: a whole generation are growing expectant of the ability to interact with anyone they like, film-stars, politicians, governing bodies and, of course, businesses (of all sizes).

The One Show recently set up an experiment to test the response time between email and Twitter of 5 companies, and the results could hardly have been clearer. All five companies replied personally and quickly to the tweets.  The fastest response time was just 3 minutes, the slowest 1 hour and 10 minutes… After 24 hours, only one company had responded to email…

So should you get onto Twitter then?  Well, not exactly.  Real Social Media interaction takes dedication and time, and you need to know what will work best for you and your industry.  A few random updates posted over various platforms will do you no good, in fact it will likely to do more harm as you will be seen as active but deliberately not engaging with your customer base.

Like everything online, it requires time to define your goals and objectives, set about some tests and measure their effectiveness.  Social Media moguls will tell you to listen to your audience (and interact if they require), share a message related your organisation and structure your content in an engaging way (i.e. make it shareable).

Who has the most relevant information about your organisation and its industry?  Well, you probably discussed a load of business know-how over coffee this morning and it’s that level of expertise that sets you apart as experts in the field.

An easy mistake is to ​just ​repeat your​ marketing​ message or ​desired ​call to action, ​leaving​ your social media account looking faceless ​and your fans feeling like all you want to do is sell to them ​–​ make sure you’re engaging ​with ​and sharing other content, adding your voice to trending conversations or issues. ​Everyone from industry leaders to local businessmen are all throwing their opinions out there freely and can give you great content to share in a variety of different tones, so start by researching some relevant people and organisations to follow.

Even the Police manage to lower the tone to poke fun at Manchester city fans recently

So start getting creative, and if you need a little inspiration, take a look at how WestJet delivered a Christmas miracle and gained worldwide acclaim with a view that has topped 40 million hits…

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