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High Speed internet comes to Devon

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We welcomed yesterday’s  announcement of the £94million broadband investment deal for Devon! It is timely for the Devon economy to reinvent itself on the web.

 Devon is home to many SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprise) in the tourism, agriculture, food and drink sectors – all of which will benefit from faster connections with suppliers, buyers and customers, both nationally and internationally.

Better broadband means that, Skype, video conferencing and the exchanging of large files will be easier, faster and more reliable for local businesses.

For Devon’s artists and craftsmen, speedier internet will help their exposure to national and global markets.

Better broadband will greatly assist local arts/ cultural initiatives such as the Two Moors Music Festival to get exposure. In the past they required a costly satellite link-up to get online.

Online shopping experiences will be quicker, more satisfying and convenient, which can ultimately boost Devon’s  economy.

And for those businesses who are still a little shy of technology, we encourage them to get on board the technology train!

We believe that running an online business out of a bricks-and-mortar premises is a fantastic basis for stability and success. High Street shops can double up as warehouses with easy access for couriers, and whole high streets and retail parks can come together to reduce shipping and warehousing costs. This could help to prevent more high street shop closures in the future.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need your own website, as there are a plethora of online opportunities to get your products and services exposed, such as local internet directories and social media.

Bring it on!