Helping the elderly with technology – our pledge on Coronavirus

We have put our brains together to work out how can react and support our community to help combat the Corona Virus. We pledge to offer help to those who need to stay at home, to help them to use technology to do some of the routine tasks that could potentially expose them to the virus (shopping, picking up prescriptions and maintaining communication).

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October 17, 2022 4 mins

Given government guidance yesterday, we’re making changes to the way we work, like working from home and shifting to virtual meetings.

This doesn’t cause us a real operational headache, we already have the systems in place to do this and often many of the team spend time working from home in a normal working week. 

However, it looks like we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg, in a time of uncertainty that will span the next couple of months at least, so we are looking at other ways to have a positive impact on our community.

Times like this highlight how small the world has become and how technology has connected us, however, we must remember that many of us have opted into that way of living and there is a generation of people who probably hoped 30 years ago that “personal computers” would be flash in the pan and haven’t opted into this way of living at all.

That generation are busily out and about, using personal, not digital services, and they are also the most at risk of serious illness, when the rest of us may end up with little more than cold or flu symptoms.

We have decided to use our expertise to offer help to those who need to stay at home, to educate them (or others who wish to do the same) on how to let technology do some of the tasks that could potentially expose them to the virus (shopping, picking up prescriptions and maintaining communication).

Our action plan is

  • Reduce our own impact – Perform as many work-related tasks remotely as possible and be socially responsible with contact, isolating at the first sign of any symptoms. 
  • Give blood – The NHS is currently calling out for those that can to give blood, this saves lives and is considered essential travel. Find out more here.
  • Give to charity – Close to our heart is the impact for the homeless, we have pledged extra support than we normally do to both the Amber foundation in Exeter and Shekinah in Plymouth – who both do stunning work.
  • Help the elderly get tech-savvy – We want to help high-risk groups get up to speed with accessing web-based services so they can stay at home and keep the risk down. Below are a list and a flyer if you want to share the good work.

Download Flyer 


How can we help


Get your shopping delivered online

We have seen already seen mass hysteria in the supermarkets with shelves of toilet rolls and tinned goods wiped out, and the government advice regarding this is to not buy more than two weeks supply at any one time.

In a time where we need community support, this stockpile behaviour serves only the individual and strains supply to those that really need it.

Many elderly people are unaware that online shopping exists, furthermore, how to access it, so we want to help get them set up and ordering online.

If you wish to do the same, heres some links to get started:


Get prescriptions delivered

The next key issue will be meds, many don’t know they can access free delivery service online, there is guidance from Lloyds Pharmacy here.

Keep up to date

My son’s secondary school closed recently and the methods of communication and frequency highlighted how different things are now, it is entirely expected that email & social media are the chosen channels for mission-critical communication.

Where a decade ago these channels certainly wouldn’t have been relied upon the dependence is highlighted by the fact I did not receive a single phone call in a week where I received handfuls of emails with useful information contained.

Our job is all about sending the right message through the right channel, and the government are working on various ways you can keep abreast of the latest advice.

Have fun

Let’s not forget why people choose to do these tasks, getting out of the house and having some social interaction is fun and brings a sense of purpose and interaction.

We will also help get anyone engaged with social media, online communities or services like youtube where they can access entertainment.

So there we have it

We would be really interested to know if there is any way we can do to help you or others during this time, and we would be interested to know what you are doing, drop us a line to let us know.


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