Support Package

After the project is finished, what will we do?

Whether you choose to go alone or join the Vu Tribe for extra support, we have a dedicated support desk ready to help.

Difference between hosting and support

Once your website is finished, you have two things to review, a home for your website (hosting) and keeping your website up to date (Support).  Think of hosting like your computer, it needs to be quick, secure and will have occasional updates – like windows or mac operating systems.  Now consider your website like the programs that belong on the computer, microsoft office perhaps or Mac mail, these also need updating for the latest functionality and security.

We provide cutting edge cloud hosting technology through Amazon Web Services.  This page is all about keeping your website up to date.

The types of websites and systems that sit on our standard hosting platforms mostly made from Opensource Content Management Systems (CMS) to ensure you are getting a product that you can manage in the future – there is no vendor tie in for your investment.

However, because of this your website will need maintaining and updating (from the nasty internet robots) to keep your site and customer data secure.  So lets look at how that works…

Why does my website need updating?

Your CMS is a combination of systems and modules that make up the whole site, much like a car your mechanic will not build you a new gearbox every 50000 miles, he will order the parts and ensure they are installed correctly.

In modern day web design there are parts that we use but they don’t wear out in a physical sense, they just become outdated over time.  They could be less secure than they should be due to developing technologies, not as well coded to be picked up by google as it changes its algorithms or incompatible with newer functionality added.

Either way these updates should be a frequent process to ensure your site stays current and competitive.  If you’re feeling tech savvy then you may wish to manage this yourself, or you can leave it to us… We just need to know which way you would like to proceed, so we can hand over your support bible to keep track of what you do and ensure you don’t damage any bespoke coding along the way.

After the project bug-fixing period, support requests will be taken through our support desk, and billed at either £80 per hour if you are on a pay as you go contract or £70 per hour if you sign up to work with us ongoing.

Pay As You Go Support

If you feel confident that you or your team are happy managing your website and want no monthly support costs, or you aren’t going to be regularly updating your site then this is for you, just one thing though… Hold up your hand and repeat after me: “I promise to love my website, update it regularly and have no expectations that Vu will drop everything and come running if I break it!”

  • Support when you want it.  No ties.  No contracts.
  • £80 per hour
  • Support for non-urgent issues within 5 working days

Ongoing Business Support – from £70 per month

Because this looks different for every client, we would need to have a chat to firm it up.  You may require just technical updates, maybe you want to have a dedicated account manager or instant response time.  Whether you want technical support or are considering a marketing package like The Tribe, its up to you.

Somethings Broken…Whats the process?

Just visit our support desk, theres a load of information to help you identify the issue and create a support ticket.  At the time of writing the average ticket response time is within a day, and the resolution time within 4 days.  Alternatively you can email and that will find its way to the support desk also.

So what’s next?

So now you know what you’ve got, what we could do, and what to do if something goes wrong.  We would love to continue to support you with regular contact in the same way we have through your website project.  Just let us know how you wish to proceed below…


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