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How to use Google + for business

While Google+ might not seem like it should be the first choice for B2C or B2B marketing, with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn being more likely candidates, there are a couple of reasons why it’s worth exploring. Firstly it’s part of the Alphabet network which means it’s intertwined with Google’s search engines (making it good for SEO), secondly it has the widest potential audience with around 2.2bn users (and an estimated 200m active users).

Recent changes to the network have seen the focus put on Collections and Communities, along with it being officially announced that Google+ will no longer be the social layer for all of Google’s products. Although this points towards it turning into a network more similar to Pinterest, there are still plenty of ways brands can benefit – from simply filling in their key information to aid searches in Google to building communities of potential customers through carefully curated content.


Although the recent update to Google+ seems to put less of a focus on businesses, it is taking a post-it off Pinterest’s wall with its new Collections feature. This is no bad thing as Pinterest has been proven to have many benefits for small business – especially those in industries with a strong visual angle like fashion or food.

Collections is a new way to group posts by topics and are a great way to share quality content that’s relevant to your niche. When a user follows your collection the things you posts will appear on their home screen, making it a useful tool for reaching people with curated content.


Whereas Collections is focussed on you personally curating content that you love, communities is all about people getting together to share things as a group. If you’re a restaurant owner then Collections would be the place you share pictures of the latest delicious offerings from your kitchen, whereas Communities is where you swap recipes with other like-minded people.

Both new features are similar but both rely on quality content to be successful. As before there’s a strong visual element and posts tend to be on the short side so it’s worth making sure you have plenty of great pics to share, and don’t forget to include any relevant links and hashtags.

Fill out your Profile

For the time being the new Google+ is opt in, and even if you make the switch it’s possible to go back by clicking the “back to the classic G+” link. This means it’s still worth filling out as much information about your business as possible, as there will still be plenty of people using the old profile style.

The latest incarnation of Google+ only offers users a limited amount of options for businesses to add information about themselves and little of it is relevant to businesses specifically, other than having the option to add a link to your site, an address, and a phone number. However, it’s clear that Google+ is still evolving and listening to customer feedback so it’s worth checking your information is up-to-date.

If you’re already in the habit of curating content and are looking for a way to expand you reach then Google+ is a simple way of connecting with a larger audience if you have the content to share. If you’d like some help with content creation, we can help! Drop us a line to find out about our bespoke copywriting services.

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