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Why Every Marketing Department Needs a Marketing Agency

For many SME owners, the marketing department (and sometimes a marketing manager alone) is supposed to be in charge of everything under the marketing umbrella, both on the strategy and delivery side.

Only when they start trying to unravel the results of a campaign do they realise that there is a lot more to marketing than producing flyers and deciding what budget to put into an AdWords campaign.

What they need is an effective, results-oriented marketing strategy. The best way to achieve that is almost always to partner with a specialist digital or marketing agency.

This is why:

Strategy is Better Than Tactics

Due to a lack of resources and knowledge, what passes for strategy in many businesses is a vaguely connected series of tactics. This can appear to deliver results. For example, a highly targeted PPC campaign launched at exactly the right time can engage a niche audience and convince them to buy.

However, as business picks up, the extra resource needed to cope with the demand means marketing takes a back seat. With no long-term strategy, the boom passes and the company find themselves back where they started and scratching their heads.

In contrast, a digital or marketing agency partner will help the business to create a high level marketing strategy and deliver a level of consistency. They will engage their team of specialists to co-ordinate the various marketing activities: SEO, content delivery, social media marketing, PPC etc. into an overall plan.

Blending Familiarity and Objectivity

Another advantage of a marketing agency is the unique blend of familiarity with your business and the objectivity from having conducted campaigns for many different businesses over many years.

A decent marketing agency will spend a lot of time in the initial stages getting to understand the story behind a business. Only when they are fully in tune with the essence of the brand will they start collaborating on a marketing strategy.

At the same time, they will be able to guide, coach and sometimes even train the marketing teams they work with on the specifics of campaign delivery. An SEO marketer can advise on keyword selection, a copywriter can tighten up written content and a PPC specialist can fine tune ad spend for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Harnessing the Power of Data

In the modern marketplace, data equals power. Those marketing teams with the best access to data and the deepest understanding will be able to spot the opportunities that others miss.

Each specialist in a digital agency will have the tools and knowledge needed for an in-depth understanding of the data relevant to their field. For example, a PPC specialist will be able, at a glance, to see which audiences are clicking ads, what devices they are using and which campaigns are converting. An SEO expert will pick up on the hottest keyword trends. The social media whizz will know what types of posts are driving engagement and what platforms an audience favours.

Most importantly, an agency can draw all of these stats together and present them as a regular report, accessible to all members of the marketing and executive team.

How the Tribe can Help

If you are the owner or decision maker in a business where marketing is a challenge, the Vu Tribe may be a good fit. We offer three packages aimed at businesses of different sizes and budgets. Each package is focused on finding the story behind the business and using our marketing expertise to strengthen that story and spread it further.

We can only work with a small number of clients so our initial conversation will be about exploring whether there is a fit – not a hard sell.

So whether you’re an existing client of ours or yet to experience the pleasure, please get in touch if you think we could be your partner marketing agency. Visit The Tribe page for more information.

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