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Dipping your Toes: Why your Start-up Might not Need a Website Just yet

As a start-up business, did you know that you could be generating leads and making money without even having a website?

If you’ve been holding back on creating your web presence because of a lack of budget or uncertainty about your product, service or market, a landing page combined with some strategic online advertising could be the best way forward.

So What is a Landing Page?

In simple terms, a landing page is a single webpage which acts as a landing pad for selling your products and/or services. Wherever your visitor departs from, be it a Google search result, another website/webpage, a social media post or an online/social media ad, you can direct them to one specific landing page (or several different landing pages).

In reality, your landing page is likely to also be connected to several other pages (e.g. a ‘Thank You’ page or further product pages) but, unlike a website, the customer will not usually be presented with a menu and a full range of pages.

In fact, one particular type of landing page, known as a ‘squeeze page,’ is designed to have only one exit point – a call-to-action (CTA) often in the form of a big red button or some other prominent element to click or fill-in.

The Benefits of Landing Pages

Here are five key benefits, from a start-up perspective, of landing pages:

Low cost

Although there is a lot of skill needed to design an effective landing page, the small number of pages needed and simple functionality makes developing one a lot more affordable than a full website build.

As a landing page is more of a digital tool than a part of your enduring web presence, there will be less work needed on tight brand integration and consistency (although these things will still be important to a degree).

Supports measurable goals

Although a well-designed website and digital marketing campaign should provide you with measurable results, it is much easier to translate the figures from a simple landing page.

For example, if you hook up one AdWords campaign to one landing page with one call-to-action you can easily read off your click-through and conversion rates from your analytics software and calculate an ROI.

Instant lead generation

It is much harder to directly sell a product to a visitor than it is to persuade them to give you their email address in return for something they are interested in. The benefit of having a list of qualified email addresses (aka leads) should never be underestimated. Providing your landing page content is relevant and your offer (sometimes termed a ‘lead magnet’) provides real value, your leads will generally be open to further marketing. You can even automate this process by setting up scheduled or event-triggered emails using an online marketing service such as MailChimp, Aweber or Constant Contact.

Proof of concept

Sometimes you may be uncertain about whether a market exists for a new product or service. Rather than invest in an all-singing, all-dancing website only to find that the market isn’t there, it is far smarter to dip your toe in the water with an initial landing page campaign.

Fits organic growth model

If there’s one thing that characterises the 21st Century business landscape it’s the ability for small start-ups to challenge the big players by leveraging technology. If your business is flush with ideas but short on capital, kicking off with a landing page campaign can help you to start filling the coffers until you can afford to set down roots with a full-blown digital presence.

Powering Up with PPC Advertising and Landing Pages

Landing pages and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising were made for one another. Rather than potentially wasting money by paying for banner ads or offline media upfront, PPC campaigns enable you to generate online ads for free and pay for them only once they have been clicked.

PPC platforms like Google AdWords make it easy for even the smallest businesses to set a daily budget, create an ad, link to a landing page and view the results. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter also offer PPC advertising.

So if you’re getting excited about what you could be achieving through an affordable landing page and online ad campaign, give us a call or drop by our offices. We would love to help you turn that buzz into some creative action.

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