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All the insights & advice your ecommerce business needs to make the right choices

Increase sales on your ecommerce site with bespoke, goal-driven data and expert advice

In the competitive world of ecommerce, getting your hands on the right data is key to making smart marketing decisions. But what is the ‘right data’ and, more importantly, what do you do with it once you have it? Having a high quality ecommerce website is only the start; our monthly ecommerce marketing service can help take your business to the next level.

Ecommerce Marketing gives you essential insights and data on which online sources are performing best for your business, as well as expert advice on how to increase visits, clicks and sales. Monthly monitoring of keyword ranking and trends – both for products and your site in general – will help you stay competitive in the search engine results pages – we’ll even keep an eye on your competitors for you.

You’ll learn how social media and search are impacting on sales and which keywords, platforms and posts are performing best for you. We’ll show you where you’re losing people in the buying process, and make suggestions on how to turn them into conversions. Weekly actionable tips for improvement areas will be delivered straight to your inbox, as well as updates on popular trends and keywords for your sector.

  • Understand the ROI of your social media
  • Gain competitor insight
  • Learn how to optimise your products
  • Grow your brand’s online audience
  • Expert support & advice
  • Weekly search trends for your sector
  • Meaningful data straight to your inbox
  • SEO analysis, reports and recommendations

What’s Included?

Because effective marketing doesn’t happen overnight, the Ecommerce Marketing service is delivered over a minimum of 3 months. For significantly less than the price of a Marketing Manager, here’s what you get…

Social ROI

See exactly what your social media activity is doing for your conversions, and learn how to improve it.

Competitor Insights

We’ll monitor up to three of your industry competitors, give you reports on their activity and how they’re ranking for key search terms.

Grow your Audience

We’ll show you how to increase visits and conversions by improving your organic reach, increasing your quality backlinks and through effective social media.

Optimise your Products

Choose up to 10 products every month and we’ll identify the best keywords to optimise for (and show you how). We’ll also show you how your competitors are ranking for similar products.

Measurable Results

Hold us to account with monthly progress reports on your search engine visibility and conversions.

Search Insights

Find out what search terms people are using to find you, see your monthly ranking progress and find out how to improve your position in the search results with a monthly SEO report.

Trend Updates

Keep your content bang up-to-date with weekly search and hashtag trends for your sector

Meaningful Analytics

We won’t drown you in data, and we’ll never send you anything without explaining what it means for your site, and what action needs to be taken.


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