Copywriting Services

What’s the value of good copywriting services?

If you’ve felt moved by a website, it was likely the text and imagery appealed in a human way, not the source code, and that’s mainly down to good copywriting.

“VU are that rare and elusive mix of creativity, practicality and ‘can-do’ attitude – a pleasure to work with!”

– Becks Scarrott, Marketing Manager at Embercombe

In very simple terms, websites are pictures and words wrapped up in code to display on different screen sizes.

The key element is that, like any recipe, its the quality of what you put into it and that’s the value of good copywriting services.

Investment in copywriting services

If you want to maximise the website project and truely value the content then you will have to invest.

Your investment will be either time and energy to sit and produce meaningful words or financial through hiring professional copywriting services, a copy editor or an advertising copywriter.

Writing for the web

Content is delivered and digested differently depending on the medium, for example, we know what to expect from newspaper columns and the same is true of the web.

Paragraph structures are much shorter online, headings break these up and tell the story for skim readers and the tone and language must change depending on the stage of the user’s journey.

Then there’s the creative genius of copywriting services that can summarise so much meaning in so few words.

Optimised already

Undertaking keyword research before you write copy to ensure it is being searched is a savvy way to get ahead of your competitors.

It can be subtle language changes that yield better results, i.e. using the term “content writer” may have 100 searches per month, and “copywriting services” may have 200.

Filling your website full of the wrong information, not getting key terms in the right parts of the content, or creating articles with enough words for google to index them are sure fire ways to end up with very little visibility online.

Do you need copywriting services?

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