Branding & Graphic Design

It’s more than just leaflet design

If its time to modernise the brand then get external support to help you identify what makes you different

“VU are that rare and elusive mix of creativity, practicality and ‘can-do’ attitude – a pleasure to work with!”

– Becks Scarrott, Marketing Manager at Embercombe

Stunning design can take many forms, the value of branding for your business is to educate how every interaction with your client or customer looks and feels.

Defining your brand

There’s plenty of logo and leaflet design out there, but by working with an agency like Vu your brand goes beyond typography and colour.

We want to understand what makes you different from the rest, and position that message to your potential customers.

Who are you talking to?

The first place to start then isn’t “what are we going to do?” it’s, “who are we going to do it for?

What is your message? Your niche? The offering? Why do some people buy from you and others do not?”

So before we’ve picked up our apple pencil we will be on a journey with you of research and discovery. Not just a bit of leaflet design.

The creative journey

Once we know the direction, it is key we build the blocks for your unique style, with a set of brand guidelines (essentially your design rulebook).

With brand guidelines, we (or anyone else) can translate your brand to your platforms like websites and social, or new marketing materials like brochures, business cards, signage so that you are instantly identifiable.

Take our brand, if we remove the logo from our marketing materials do you know it’s us?

We have set rules around our combined pastel colour set, relaxed communication style, font pairings and placement, isometric illustrative style that spans every communication.

Are you communicating your brand consistently?

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