The Challenge

The modernisation of a static website with a light touch rebrand as well as including email marketing into the customer journey.

High touch glass

Owner Richard Glass originally came to us because he wanted to update the range and showcase a high quality, image based, body of work online.

The old site had no content management system (CMS), so it was just left for long periods of time, and when the time came, it was always going to be a big job to establish a purpose, new style and presence.

Richard was concerned that the pace of the project and the individuals on the agency side may take his vision in a different direction, and despite not feeling 100% on where he wanted to go, he was very clear where he didn’t.

“I had heard about your customer service, and going at the customers pace. You guys were able to come up with concepts whilst still having our ideas listened to.”

He had heard about the collaborative approach to working at Vu, and was keen to explore the digital potential of Teign Valley Glass Studios once more.

Vu reviewed the brand choices around fonts, logo, and imagery and it soon became clear much of it didn’t really reflect where the Studio were now, the brand was the place to start.

teign valley glass studio brand ideas board

Boards of ideas were pulled together to shape valuable discussions around fonts and typography, logo & colours

A reflection of quality

Through a collaborative and collective process, Vu and TVGS began to unpick the brand before using it to make any website decisions.

We used our trusted process and easy-to-use systems to gather content next, and even though Richard was a self-confessed technophobe, we found him a delight to work with and written text was easily captured.

In terms of the photography, Richard had already started the process of finding the best in the business at shooting glassware, he commissioned Simon Bruntnell, the glass and reflective product photography specialist to capture his input.

teign valley glass studio mobile website project in newton abbot

A dark website with warm buttons represented the dark charcoal and vibrant fire environment 

We waited patiently through the challenges of a lockdown Britain for the shots, to ensure the photography and website sung from the same hymn sheet.

Transparent client communication

And we continued the discussions, to pull the threads together of the key elements of the brand, the creative input of the photographer, and the expectations of the client.

“The tools you had broke it down into nice bite size chunks. it seems quite daunting as a big project, but when you get into it, it’s easy.”

This was the perfect time to hone in on how their current audiences would interact with them. From the UK to the USA market they wanted to have different options, different pricing, and a different way that people got in touch.

A lifestyle photoshoot was shot deliberately with dark surroundings and vibrant colours

It wasn’t until we revealed the development version of the site that Richard and the team got to see it all coming together.

And from there much of the hard work had already been done leaving just a final polish and training on how to use the new application.

The Solution

Achieving aesthetic quality is all about the ingredients. Purposeful and consistent photography, simple and modern typography, and clean website layouts.


teign valley glass studio cookies image of glass on a cookie!
The best banner image for a cookie policy page we’ve ever seen 🙂  

“It’s nice to be impressed. There were loads of times where it was nice to go. Oh yeah, cool, these guys have got this.”


In terms of outright promotion and marketing since launch the team at TVGS have kept their head down, with a view to building a concise marketing plan in 2022. However, feedback from the existing customer base has been incredibly positive.

The team all had a hand in translating their values and the importance of what is inspiring around them, and that thread glows through them, from the marketing message to the products.

What they got was exactly what they needed, propelled through their vision and ethos they updated their brand and developed their customer journey.

To them, and their customers, they managed to just translate what they do well into digital. Vu were just the guides to help them through that digital landscape.

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