For over 30 years, Smirthwaite have been designing and retailing a range of quality, visually appealing products catering for children with special needs.

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Smirthwaite came to Vu looking to improve the website experience for prospective customers and drive up sales.

A Catalogue of Issues

There was a fair amount of improvement needed to the existing Smirthwaite website and we had a long, detailed brief to work through in order to address everything.

“We are so happy with our new website. We have seen a greater return on sales and it is providing a greater user experience to our customers. Team work and dedication by everyone in involved has given us the result we wanted!”

– Kim Parry, Marketing Manager at Smirthwaite

Smirthwaite felt that products weren’t being presented in their best light and that users were also struggling to find important information.

We needed to ensure that products and key info could be viewed clearly by all visitors – including the increasingly popular smartphone and tablet users – while also simplifying the site navigation to deliver improved user experience.

Smirthwaite customers were also being let down by their existing shopping cart and requested an efficient, reliable and secure alternative that could deliver big improvements.

A VAT Challenge

The advantage of creating a bespoke website is that we can more easily solve complex and obscure client issues – there’s not always an off-the-shelf widget or plug-in that can by-pass the need for some coding knowhow.

Our big challenge this time was to integrate a solution to the unique way in which Smirthwaite and their customers work with VAT declarations and claims. This was handled in a clumsy way in their previous website but has now been given the Vu treatment.

A Visual Makeover

Smirthwaite produce bright and bold products to appeal to the children who end up using them. We mirrored that fun, child-friendly branding in the new design which now includes liberal splashes of their pink, turquoise and yellow colour scheme and even a dropdown menu of colourful doodles in place of the usual text links.

We’re pleased to report that the shopping process – from viewing products to passing through the checkout – is now much more intuitive.

A Productive Partnership

At Vu, we see a website as one part of a larger digital marketing project, one that requires careful, ongoing attention. Smirthwaite came to us wanting guidance and support as they continue to improve their online presence.

Now that the foundation of their new website is in place, we are excited to be moving forward with Smirthwaite to explore the advantages of additional digital services.

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