The seeds of success

For those that don’t know Mark Diacono is an award winning food writer who is already well-known for heading up the garden team at River Cottage and growing the extraordinary.

His book a year at Otter Farm begins to explain his inspiration and journey for his own grand design.

His next step was to appoint someone with the same dedication, passion and understanding to their trade to develop his new online community, with the site needing to have its own identity which would effectively communicate the business’s unique ethos and evolve as the business evolves.

“I’ve had an excellent experience working with Vu. They are highly professional, friendly, and a pleasure to work with.”

Growing a website

While Mark brought his own branding and existing website to the table (along with an abundance of positivity and a healthy dollop of infectious creativity), Vu worked very closely with Mark to determine how the new site should look and feel.

We took inspiration by pendropping colours from Mark’s books to create a fresh and earthy colour pallette

Based around the principles of cooking, growing, and making food, mixed in with a community aspect that will develop as the project gets underway, a site was developed that is both engaging and inspirational.

Edible ethos

The redesign of the Otter Farm site encompassed not only the main site but its shop as well. Vu has been able to implement a more sophisticated ecommerce solution which will allow users to support the project and join the Foundation.

Becoming part of the community allows special privileges to users including discounts, early bird offers and access to exclusive courses.

Mark contributes to growing his community by sharing his expertise for uncommon plants (and the fabulous recipes they can become a part of)

Whereas before the core pages and shop looked noticeably different now there is a seamless experience across the whole site and a brand identity to all correspondence from the farm.

Reaping the rewards

As we always say a website isn’t ever truly finished, but Otter Farm’s new site will offer the project a solid foundation going forwards, allowing room to grow and adapt as the needs and requirements of the business change.

Vu looks forward to putting on our wellies and rolling up our sleeves as the project develops.

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