The Challenge

To clarify One & Eight's brand story and refine their messaging to better engage with their B2B and B2C audiences.

A Sterling Reputation

The One & Eight team had become aware of Vu’s strategic work with Undone Beauty. They had a similar business need, namely to improve their email marketing content strategy to increase engagement with their prospect list.

Ultimately the goal was to encourage more people to come back to their website to make a purchase.

One & Eight also share common values with Vu of a minimalist aesthetic and ethically-driven approach making it easy for them to see how we could work well with them.

A workshop helped them understand their audiences, budget, content and routes to market

Polishing the Message

We went back to basics, taking a detailed look at One & Eight’s target audience and dividing them into two.

Their B2C customers wanted to protect the planet but were also looking for help in choosing jewellery.

The B2B wholesale customers would only be interested if they believed the ethos of One & Eight’s unique products would fit their customers.

With audiences now clearly defined, we worked with the company on their email marketing content strategy.

When talking to their personal buyers, One & Eight could speak about their reusable packaging and create gift guides to help readers choose the perfect product.

Separate email templates showed off different content, prices and offerings

When creating content for B2B clients, One & Eight would need to focus more on educating wholesalers on how to sell their products, the best time to buy certain pieces and how to tie these into ongoing events.

The Solution

By focusing their strategy on driving results and clarifying brand messaging, we helped One & Eight motivate customers to buy.


This project emphasised the impact of joined up thinking on email marketing.

It’s much easier to connect with customers through content when we know who they are and why they opened our newsletter.

Is Your Email Content 24 Carat?

All that glitters isn’t gold. If your shiny newsletter isn’t converting into sales, speak to Vu.

We can polish up each facet of your email marketing, setting you up for success.


Before working with Vu, One & Eight’s brand messaging was inconsistent and scattered. With more tightly focused, data driven marketing, the company can now look forward to an increase in the number of relevant visits to their website, translating to more sales and profits.

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