Nebrak specialise in providing a wide range of display products and services to their business clients.

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Putting on a Show

Nebrak specialise in providing a wide range of display products and services to their business clients. Central to their success is helping their clients to stand out with modern and eye-catching exhibition stands, vending surrounds, signage, coffee carts and more. They felt that their website needed to reflect that contemporary vibe so they came to us for a fresh, up-to-date design. With clean, interactive menus, large graphics and a sophisticated layout and colour scheme we delivered a site that will stand out for all the right reasons.

Catering for All Devices

Nebrak serve businesses of all sizes and offer a wide range of services but their industry is competitive. With an increasing number of people searching for services from a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, it was important that prospective clients could quickly access the information they need. A responsive design was paramount to maximise user experience and reduce bounce rate from mobile devices.

Blending Design and Function

Email is a focal point of Nebrak’s marketing strategy so we needed to seamlessly blend their new website in with their email marketing software so they could continue their promotional activities without disruption. Evidence shows that the more information a company asks for in their contact forms, the less response they get. To maximise response, the contact form on Nebrak’s site asks for just an email address.

Making a Stand

Nebrak fully understand that standing still is not an option in their industry and so they drew on our knowledge of SEO to pull out the keywords they needed to focus on to maintain a competitive edge. Having carried out a detailed product keyword analysis we integrated those powerful keywords into the architecture and content of Nebrak’s site to help them stay a step ahead of their competitors. We even helped to identify new areas of service offering to help them to expand in new and exciting directions.

Brand Development

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