MPC Group

The MPC Group is a highly accredited, Plymouth-based construction firm that specialises in commercial, domestic and heritage plastering, external wall insulation (EWI) and roofing. They are often able to take on complex and sensitive projects due to their experience and skill in traditional and modern techniques.

Who are the MPC Group?

Based in Plymouth, the MPC Group provide a full range of professional plastering and roofing services to domestic and commercial customers across the south west. They are also skilled in heritage plastering and roofing, making them a popular choice for renovating listed buildings and carrying out other sensitive work.

In a murky world of online marketing Vu have been a beacon of refreshing honesty.

The construction field is very competitive but MPC Group came to Vu Online with ambitions to be a market leader, particularly in the Plymouth area. One of their key goals was to make sure that they would be the first name to come up on Google for the various services they provide. They also wanted to produce compelling case studies to help them secure valuable commercial contracts. This would involve proving that they could handle the scale and scope of the projects they were bidding for.

A Foundation of Trust

Through previous bad experience, the MPC Group were initially skeptical about the role of digital marketing in their business. By being transparent and explaining our suggested strategies in simple terms, we won their trust. We were also honest from the outset about the role they would need to play in putting together case studies. This was an approach they appreciated.

The Solution

To improve their search presence, we added and fleshed out new landing pages and connected them to their pay-per-click ads campaigns. We also trained up their office manager and created new processes so they could coordinate onsite photography and testimonials.

They have exceeded my expectations, I am more than happy with the results MPC have gained in the short amount of time with Vu.

Building Solid Processes

At the start of the project, the Group were working with one landing page for all incoming traffic. We carried out keyword research and created several additional landing pages to help position them up front and centre for their various services.

To ensure a consistent pipeline of high quality online case studies, we educated their office manager and helped them to set up new business processes for collecting assets when on the building site. This included organising decent before/after photographs and obtaining testimonials from customers. By embedding their own digital marketing resource within their business, the MPC Group could maximise their digital presence and provide instant evidence of the scope and scale of their work.

We also provided the MPC Group with some graphic design services for their offline marketing strategies. This included designing a plastic folder for organising relevant case study sheets when pitching contractors for work.

Digital Marketing

Is Your Website In Need Of Renovation?

If your website and digital marketing processes are built on shaky foundations you will need more than a coat of paint to put things right. At Vu, we listen to your story and find out what you want to achieve from your online activity before we lay the first brick. We then work alongside you to develop a website and digital strategy that’s built around your needs.

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