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When a hunt for a unique gift for a baby turned into a business that filled a gap in the market Molly needed someone to create a website that perfectly captured her brand’s ethos. She chose Vu to craft her web presence which took the form of an ecommerce site to sell her Wolf’s Craft Club subscription service and a range of carefully selected and handmade presents.

Building a website together

Working with Molly Vu created a website that communicated the key values of the Molly and the Wolf Brand while providing an easy and engaging shopping experience for visitors. Together we created a site that is both well-crafted and playful like the toys that Molly sells, as well as the innovative and engaging Wolf’s Craft Club subscription service.

Supporting development

Although the website was at the centre of the project Vu supported Molly in all aspects of building her business. This involved developing the system with her on an ongoing basis through consultancy and expert marketing advice. We were also able to help her grow her business through our SEO expertise and make sure that she’s reaching her target audience.

A site for a growing business

The result of our work with Molly and the Wolf is a site and business that fulfils the goals of the original brief and continues to evolve as the business changes. It’s a great example of how design, SEO, and marketing can work together to create a successful business and one that has been featured in national publications such as the The Observer and The Telegraph .

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