The Melting Pot Event at Teign Valley Glass

The Challenge

To provide high quality video coverage of an international glass blowing event and create a promotional video from the footage

What was our role?

A clear choice

Vu Online have an established relationship with Teign Valley Glass, and we designed and built their current website. So, they were already aware of the quality of our work and knew we offered an extensive range of marketing services, including video production.

With artists from around the world descending on their picturesque studio, Teign Valley Glass knew they only had one shot to do the event justice. Filming the Melting Pot event also required a crew to be on location, something which was easy to arrange with us.

Polishing the brief

To make sure we were all on the same page, we got together with Teign Valley Glass to help them organise their thoughts about the aims of the video project and where it would sit in their marketing process.

This video project included several elements, including drone footage, event live streaming, artist interviews, close up glass blowing shots and post-production for the online promotional video.

To ensure we had the resources needed, while remaining affordable, we sent a two person crew to cover the day-long event.

We captured as much of the action as possible, giving us plenty of raw material to take into the editing suite. Our post production team then combined suitable music, time lapse effects and other editing techniques to create a promotional video that showcased Teign Valley Glass while telling the story of the event.

The Solution

Our talented video team worked efficiently, using a range of filming and editing techniques, to create professional quality video footage

Their promotional video now sits perfectly alongside their smart logo and website, also designed by Vu, to give Teign Valley Glass the branding their global reputation deserves.

Blow away the competition

Video is one of the most effective ways of getting your audience to engage with your business. Whether you’re looking for an explainer video, high definition drone imagery or live streamed event footage, Vu Online can help you out.


A picture tells a thousand words and a video says even more. Teign Valley Glass now have a high quality visual resource they can direct people to whenever they need to demonstrate their skill and creativity. We are confident they will continue to wow glass lovers across the world.

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