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Website build for UK based manufacturer of engineered display solutions.

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Luminati is an agile, responsive manufacturer of engineered display solutions that offers bespoke products to its clients, many of whom are international brands, household names or top design and creative agencies. They approached us looking to redesign and rebuild their flagship ecommerce website. They were looking to have a high degree of control over the sites content allowing them to quickly adapt the site to represent changes in their range of well over a thousand products. Due to their established working practices with previous websites they needed a site that slotted into an existing infrastructure. The site needed to communicate with an existing stock control system and allow sales staff to manage orders with the minimum of training from day one.

“The training and after project followup ensured that the site was refined, gave incredible value and met all of our expectations. We also found that the customer experience at Vu was exceptional.”

– Steve Senior – Managing Director of Lumianati Ltd.


We worked closely with Luminati to design and build a site that exceeded their expectations in terms of it’s flexibility and ease of administration. This large ecommerce site required a significant amount of bespoke development in order to meet all of the clients requirements. The Content management system allows full control of the large product range, full control of text and image content, navigation and on-site SEO. This complex project has resulted in a site that gives Luminati the control they need in order to respond quickly and effectively to stay ahead of their online competition.


We work with Luminati on an ongoing basis to develop and optimise the website, taking into account the latest SEO and marketing trends to increase traffic and conversions. Luminati recognise the need to continually renew and refresh content on their site and have seen the value in employing an agency to deal with the more technical aspects of online marketing, SEO and website optimisation so that they can focus on what they do best – Producing exceptional bespoke display solutions for their clients.

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