Jane Foster Designs

A unique showcase website for a unique and talented artist.

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We produced a series of flat visuals to illustrate how Jane’s new website would look. We wanted to keep the functionality of the site clear and simple allowing the bright art works to really shine through the site. A sense of humour was also an important trigger as we created subtle animations that move as the user scrolls around the page.


Jane wanted to make the new site easier to manage on a day-to-day basis. We created a site that was easy to update with products and link into Jane’s social media activities thus directing an ever increasing audience to Jane’s art works.


Our target market was very active mobile users, so we expected a large amount of the site usage to come from those devices. Developing responsive websites (those which work well on different devices) doesn’t mean designing for phones, tablets, and desktop computers separately – it means catering for every possible outcome as a single experience. Not only does this ensure every user sees a website that’s optimised for them, it also helps to future-proof the site to work for the devices of tomorrow. This approach brings many benefits to the end user and is recommended by the Official Google Webmaster Blog.

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