Imployable are dedicated to connecting job seekers, employers and training providers using their free smartphone app. They intend to revolutionise the recruitment sector.

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The Challenge

Create a new website which was consistent with the branding of their existing smartphone app.

What was our role?

Who are Imployable?

Imployable was founded by two former Royal Marines who had experience of the way the recruitment industry failed service veterans. Drawing on a background in app development, co-founder Peter Kelly created the Imployable smartphone app to make it easier for employers and employees to connect.

A Perfect Match

“From start to finish the Vu team have been faultless, not only is the end product incredible, so too is the journey.”

Imployable contacted Vu for our help with a new website. The design of their existing site wasn’t consistent with that of their smartphone app. As a result, the website had the wrong look and feel and needed redeveloping. They also wanted help translating their powerful story for a digital audience.

We have created a brand new website for Imployable which fulfils the objectives of brand consistency and effective communication of the company’s vision.

With so many aspects of the business under his control, Peter didn’t have enough time or energy to develop the website to the extent that he would have liked. With Vu, he saw the value of working with a trusted digital partner. He knew that we would take the time to understand his business and faithfully represent his vision.

The Solution

Our ability to clarify a company’s story and then communicate that story through website design was critical for this project. Imployable’s website now broadcasts their powerful message and is consistent with their brand.

“The Vu team have great strategic knowledge, helping us to make the right decisions on everything from tech stack and security to deployment and analytics.

Making First Impressions Count

Imployable is an ambitious project and the business owners are keen to expand the scope and scale of the business. Their existing website worked against them because it didn’t fit into the branding they had developed for the app. The on-screen message was also a poor representation of the company’s powerful – and very personal – story. This gave a poor first impression of the company.

Since the purpose of the website was mainly to direct traffic to the app, our task was to redesign the look and feel of the website and also to clarify the central message and call-to-action to stimulate positive action from the visitor. 

For help with the branding element we collaborated with Friends, an experienced team of trusted brand designers. Together we were able to create a visually strong website which clearly ties in with the smartphone app.

In terms of the Imployable story and key messages, we worked closely with Peter to come up with the most effective language. Peter wanted to shift the potential employee’s focus from where they were at that point in time to where they wanted to be in the future. This change in attitude is important as it would drive them to download the app and actually use it to progress their career.


Imployable can now be confident that their website will inspire belief and promote action, helping visitors to focus their minds on what they want to do with their lives and how they are going to get it.

The clear messaging is reinforced by the bold, unique visuals which are also completely consistent with the company’s brand identity.

Web Design. Devon made, big reach.

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