The Challenge

To build a fresh, modern website that could effortlessly handle Growers Organics unique seasonal ordering and delivery system.

Who are Growers Organics?

Founded in 2003, Growers Organics is a small but thriving nursery situated in the heart of the idyllic South Devon countryside, near Plymouth.

The company’s customer base includes both local and national gardeners, united by their demand for Soil Association-certified organic plants and seeds.

Growers Organics number one goal is to supply a high quality product and they are also regularly commended for their environmentally friendly packaging.

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Growers Organics deliver plants and seeds nationally but unlike many e-commerce sites, orders are fulfilled on a seasonal basis.

The challenge we faced was to develop a bespoke website that could enable customers to quickly see what was available to order and when. We also had to ensure that back end order processing reflected this seasonal basis.

With our usual focus on the customer’s goals, we used our technical knowhow to build a website that now makes ordering and order processing much easier for the company.

Cultivating a Partnership

The business owners had a previous relationship with Vu Online and wanted to work with an agency they knew they could trust in the long term. They knew we would prioritise their business needs, saving them admin time so they could focus on their speciality – plants.

The Solution

We met the customer’s unique needs through our solution-focused approach to ecommerce website design. Customers can now select what plants and seeds are available in any specific week while the small Growers Organics team can collate and process orders more efficiently.

A Fresh Approach

Growers Organics have a few quirky business processes that we needed to cater for in this project. This includes a seasonal ordering system.


The customer wanted the buyer to see their full range of plants and seeds but also to understand which were available to order in any given week.

When fulfilling orders, the customer wanted to be able to collate and process using the same seasonal process. We used our technical nous to build these features into the website design.

As the small Growers Organics team have a limited capacity to fulfil orders, we added a feature that limits the number of orders that can be accepted for a given period.

This takes away the need to manually monitor volume, ensuring the team can continue to prioritise quality over quantity.

While making sure the customer’s business needs were fulfilled, we also overhauled the overall look and feel of the site.


Early signs are promising as the seasonal orders come flowing in and the customer benefits from their new bulk processing capability.

Over time, we expect Growers Organics to save significant time on processing and administration. Not only will that reduce overhead but it will also help the company to focus on their real passion – growing high quality certified organic plants that impress and delight their loyal customer base.

This project is a reminder of the importance of looking at a website not just as a marketing tool but as a functioning part of the business. This is particularly important at a time when many businesses are having to operate remotely.

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