GJC Consultancy

Gavin Jones Consultancy Ltd. (GJC) are a high-powered team of business professionals led by successful multiple business owner Gavin Jones.

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GJC are built on a foundation of expert knowledge with each member of Gavin’s team a proven specialist in a specific and critical business area.


Beyond the Brief

Gavin trusts his experienced team to own their areas of the business and when we were brought on board, we were expected to work closely with the team to extract the specific business information we needed to perform our role.

Rather than following a set brief, Vu were entrusted with the task of creating a validation piece online that could do justice to GJC’s already proven methods.

It was enormously valuable to Gavin that he didn’t have to spend his valuable time educating us about how his business works and what needed doing.

The majority of the work we have done has involved structuring the offering GJC provides so that it makes sense to his audience.

GJC’s process for turning small businesses into multi-million pound businesses is essentially clear and structured so that any business can understand and follow it. This is part of its success. However, it does require careful adaptation to fit a digital platform.

A Proven Process

“We have found Vu both friendly and helpful. They have produced a great website for us, provided many ideas for marketing and social media trained us as needed.”

At the heart of the GJC process is Gavin himself and the high calibre ‘trust board’ he has built around him. We decided that video interviews would be an ideal medium to enable Gavin and his hand-picked associates to engage with visitors, make their voices heard and demonstrate the level of expertise within the business. We then built further content around this expert knowledge.

GJC’s refreshing proposition is designed to identify any business’s strengths and weaknesses and to help them understand where they are, where they want to get to and which expert they need to fill the hole in their business development.

By breaking this stepped process into bite-size digital chunks, we can assist a potential client to digest the information when seeing it for the first time online.

We are getting closer to something that represents that model visually with the depth required.

“When I first met Rich and Dom, I could see similarities in the way we work. I thought these guys are mustard, here’s a business I can scale.”


Partners in Progress

Our businesses, though different in some ways, also work very similarly in others and fit together nicely. With our support, GJC have launched an accelerated development programme and we have agreed a reciprocal arrangement with them.

Video Production

Reaching out through video

Our videographers will use their highly trained eye and technical skills to capture stunning footage and then create a tight edit based on your needs, effectively communicating your message with branding that's consistent with the rest of your business...

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