Building on a solid base

The Farmhouse Table Company produces high-quality tables that can be customised to fit a customer’s kitchen in terms of both size and style. While the company already had a modern website to showcase its tables it wasn’t doing enough to sell them. Vu was approached to create a new site that would be provide a more interactive and engaging experience for potential for visitors and drive sales.

Adding a new tabletop

While the old site demonstrated the customisation options that are available from the Farmhouse Table Company it didn’t make them interactive. A layer of interactivity was needed that would enable visitors to see their customised table before they purchase it, in just a few simple clicks. This was done by introducing an interface where users can select their style of base and tabletop, and then the colour they want it in, with the resulting table appearing instantly.

Quality craftsmanship

In order for this interface to have the desired result it needed to look good so Vu photographed the tables to ensure the website featured the best quality imagery. We also processed the images so that the colour visitors see on the screen is as close as possible to the table that will be delivered to their house.

Setting the table for success

Making the website more engaging alone wasn’t enough to ensure that it delivered the return on investment and growth that was needed. To make sure it fulfilled the goals for the business the website was optimised for Google’s searches, so that it reached the right audience, and designed to be responsive so that it’s as easy to use on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a desktop PC.

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