Growing a Community

Registered charity and social enterprise Embercombe approached Vu with a challenge to help grow its audience by creating a new and improved website. Although it has successfully marketed itself to its core audience the scope of this audience was quite narrow and it was finding it difficult to attract new customers. Vu needed to find a way to reach a new demographic but in a way that didn’t betray the organisation’s core values. .

Pruning Content

In redesigning the website Vu’s first priority was in restructuring and refining the content that was already on the site. Paring a large amount of content down to create pages that are easier to read while delivering the same key information, and defining a clearer structure, immediately made the site more accessible. Going through this process with Embercombe also helped them to more clearly define what their brand is about.

Embercombe’s Journey

The ultimate aim of broadening Embercombe’s appeal was to grow a community by targeting a new demographic who might not have been aware of, or understood, what the organisation and its ethos is all about. Vu has helped Embercombe to successfully complete this journey of shifting its brand’s focus so it can welcome in a new generation of visitors and grow its community.

A Sustainable Marketing Solution

By redesigning Embercombe’s site, refining its message, and improving its SEO Vu has created a platform for Embercombe to build the future of its business on. Simultaneously appealing to a new audience while making sure its old audience doesn’t feel disowned Embercombe now has a powerful tool to grow its audience and easily manage its customers.

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