The Challenge

Create a video-based social media marketing campaign that would boost engagement, raise awareness and drive more bookings.

Who are Double A & The Bay?

Double A & The Bay are a Devon based band with a difference. Not only do they perform songs in a wide range of musical genres (including R‘n’B, pop, hip hop, indie and classic rock), they also offer additional entertainment services such as photo booth hire, DJing and bouncy castles.

The band’s stated goal was to become a one-stop shop for entertainment. To achieve this, they would need to raise brand awareness across their target area through effective digital marketing.

The band had already created a three minute promotional video to showcase their talents. They now needed to market this video effectively. Vu Online helped by editing the video, making it shorter and snappier, and running a social media advertising campaign designed to increase engagement.

Working in Harmony

Double A & The Bay were confident in their ability to curate the content they needed to produce a high quality video showcasing their wide range of entertainment services. However, they recognised that they needed support in promoting their content so that it had the maximum effect possible.

The Solution

By fine-tuning their video and using the most effective marketing channels we helped the band boost engagement and increase awareness of their full range of entertainment services. They are now another step closer to their artistic and business goals.

Fine Tuning

Social media offers incredible potential to promote a business and Double A & The Bay wanted to take full advantage. They had created a promotional video and needed us to help them maximise likes and engagement. This would be the key to increasing bookings and educating their audience about the full range of services they offer.

The band came to us having already produced a high-quality promotional video so we had the raw material to work with.

Our first task was to edit the video to a more social media friendly format. At three minutes in length, the video needed shortening and sharpening to meet the expectations of social media users.

With the video ready to roll it was time to use our social media management experience to schedule Facebook and Instagram posts across  two campaigns. These synced well with the band’s target audience while fitting in to the platforms’ signature style.



People Reached




Video Plays


Page Engagements

This project was a great example of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole. By combining the band’s creativity and our social media expertise, we added the value needed. Double A & The Bay have achieved their objective by increasing overall engagement on their social media pages.

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