Award-winning sportswear and fashion designer Stacey Penney came to Vu to help her launch a start-up women’s beachwear brand – Diamond Beach.

Central to the brief was the creation of an e-commerce site to market a selection of exclusive Diamond Beach clothing plus beachwear and accessories from luxury global brands.

A Beachwear Boutique

Diamond Beach create and market beautiful clothes for women who enjoy a beach lifestyle so it was important to incorporate both of those concepts into the visual design of the site.

Gold is associated with both class and sandy beaches, white adds simplicity and space while blue evokes the ocean. With its large, bold, catalogue-style images, simple icons and clean design, we think the Diamond Beach website comes across as a chic online boutique and will appeal to its target market.

A Sunny Shopping Experience

A smooth customer experience is as important as a visually appealing design in e-commerce since customers will soon click away if they find buying an item frustrating or impossible.

The unfussy visual design is mirrored by the menu organisation and other customer experience functions. All products are logically categorised by type as well as by brand.

The main canvas also contains a prominent button which can be used for highlighting certain ranges or special offers. We have included a ‘love list’ (wish list) for keeping track of favourite items and, of course, the ubiquitous shopping basket, redesigned as a smart contemporary style shopping bag.

The ‘Get Inspired’  section contains handy links to the Diamond Beach blog, newsletter sign-up and the Instagram integration app, enabling shoppers to buy directly from Instagram photographs.

A Social Connection

Integrating e-commerce and social media is crucial, especially with visually rich products like those produced and marketed by Diamond Beach. We have made it ultra-simple for customers and browsers to spread the world with social sharing buttons integrated into the visual design and layout of every product page.

For longer-term lead nurturing, we have included a simple email subscription box to remove all barriers to newsletter sign-up.

A Trusted Outlet

The Diamond Beach website is compliant with SSL and displays the trusted padlock symbol in the web browser. This is important for all business websites but is critical for e-commerce sites, especially those dealing in high-end products like Diamond Beach.

Links to Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy is another detail which marks Diamond Beach as a professional online retailer and will help them to shine in their niche.

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